10 Things “Friends” will teach you while Volunteering Abroad

If a youth-run organisation has been engaging over 100,000 members across 127 countries, the international experiences it provides are definitely worth probing into too.

When we talk about an ‘experience’, it becomes very difficult to decide on the plausible perks shadowing that experience. Here’s something we have brought forth, to allow you to understand some of the unique learnings you will gain and realisations that will dawn upon you while you are on a volunteer program abroad lasting as brief as 6 weeks.


#1 You Need To Ask To Get

With most things within the span of our hands, ‘asking’ seems to have become a forgotten art. The rule is simple. Unless we identify what we need, communicate it clearly and boldly to the right person, the answer will remain “no!”.



#2 Becoming Independent

When it’s all up to you to figure ways out in a new place, you will tend to become less dependent on others for your needs.



#3 Be Yourself

Volunteering abroad will offer you the chance of being surrounded by new people. In an environment where everyone is away from home and new to one another, no body will judge you for who you truly are. You can feel at home, although you’re away from one.



#4 What Are You Capable Of?

Given the opportunity to work for a cause and given interesting job roles to uphold, you are sure to learn some of the tricks of management in a short period. You will realise that there are certain aspects of work that suit you well and you are cut out for it.



#5 Lingo Bingo!

A few elementary words of a new language shouldn’t be very hard. These days, knowing more than two languages has its own advantages. Learn a new language, sing to cats and become a polyglot!


#6 One For The Tummy

What’s a good trip without some good food? Relish the formability of a new cuisine and get your taste-buds tickled. It is not very easy to find authentic food of a particular country in any other place, hence exploit your chances!


#7 Listen To All The Stories

Every place on the planet is adorned by monuments, parks, museums and other historic sites that speak the stories of that land and of years we’d never be able to see. You will get to visit such places, make memories and relive history in your own capacity.



#8 Taste The Culture

This should be that one opportunity where you get to understand the traditions, social and behavioural norms of another nation. Every country is rich in its heritage and culture. You will be amazed, shocked and amused at a culture you are not used to.



#9 Meet New You-s!

You will realise that there are many young people just like you, who’ve chosen to make a difference by volunteering for a cause in a place far away from their homes. Together, you are the change-makers that are not only impacting lives, but essentially, getting impacted through the process. The world is on the look-out for entrepreneurial leaders like you!



#10 None Like This

An opportunity like this is not one that can be missed.


An opportunity like this is an indication that it’s your turn.


An opportunity like this is life-changing.


An opportunity like this may never knock on your door again!


So take up an international volunteering program and come out with flying colours. (Black and white, maybe?)




The Youth Global Entrepreneurial Program is a 6 week AIESEC program that provides undergraduate students an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills through international internships centred around social issues. The objective is to target our country’s youth and help them enrich their education by offering them a holistic international experience.

As a YGEP exchange participant, you will work on a developmental project along with other participants from across the globe, take complete ownership in an unfamiliar environment, manage your own projects and track your results – exactly as an entrepreneur would. We will support you through this experience and ensure that it challenges your world view and helps you gain a unique combination of multi-cultural, social and entrepreneurial exposure.

Visit http://ygep.aiesec.in for further details!

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