The Year that Was – India 2014

It takes timeless efforts to build a product, a building, a spacecraft, a story, a film, a moment, an event, an experience, a life.

And it takes only seconds for us to criticise and rush past them as if they never existed. Pretend that it was never ours, that it existed as the weakened pitiful state, of a certain other’s questionable actions.

True patriotism however, lies in the realisation that tomorrow is going to be better than yesterday. A flame of hope, passion and ownership that burns not only in our own hearts, but enlightens and ignites the whole community.

Ever asked yourself, what does our past really mean?

It’s only you who can ask this question, because the world is still short of time travelling machines and fortune globes that will allow a selfish little sneak peak. A little attempt to relive the year 2014 as one nation should be good enough, maybe? We’d like you to pause to watch India play on the ‘past forward’ button. Here she lies frozen in 3 minutes.

She lived. She learned. She led.

Credits mentioned in the video description. Inspired by Google Zeitgeist.


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