3 Must-Dos on this World Energy Conservation Day

Energy Conservation

“Energy conservation is energy independence” – Tom Allen

This simple quote sums up the immediate need and importance of energy conservation, in the 21st century. Why? Most of us know the answers. But let me tell you again.

Up to 90 per cent of the world’s oil reserves will be depleted in the next two generations. If we do not start thinking of and implementing alternate sources of energy efficiently the world will face an energy crisis.

And it’s said that this upcoming crisis will cause a shift in global political power – the power shift that happens from nations controlling international currencies to nations with commodities such as oil, uranium, and gold.

No matter what the political or economic changes may be, we will face the biggest environmental crises due to the rising carbon oxide and carbon monoxide emissions. All thanks to our relentless and endless use of finite fossil fuel resources.

But we can always start changing our habits, and hope that there’s still time to bring some good impact.

This World Energy Conservation Day, let’s adopt some basic but effective policies that can help us delay this energy crisis!

1. Adjust your day to day behaviours

When individual efforts combine to make a huge change, every little step goes a long way, especially in the case of energy conservation.

Turning off lights and fans when you do not need them not only reduces your electricity bill, but also conserves important energy and reduces the overall need for energy. It is a ripple effect: one house, one district, one city.

We all know how small changes in our behaviour can bring a big impact.

Simple acts such as turning down the heat on our thermostat in winters and using air conditioners for a lesser period of time in the summers can be our important contribution to a better and more sustainable future.

Can you imagine how it all adds up to create a huge, quantifiable impact? 🙂  

2. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Person Hands on Assorted- Energy Conservation

This is a very basic but highly effective method to tackle the energy crisis.

Reduce the amount of waste you produce by buying minimally packaged goods or making use of reusable packaging, and recycling them the next time you go shopping. This can significantly decrease the energy used in making and disposing these products.

Did you know that for every half a kilogram of waste you decrease, you save energy and reduce emissions of CO2 by almost 1 pound?!

Using and encouraging the use of products made with recycled elements, instead of non-renewable scratch materials, uses 30-55% less for paper products, 33% less for glass and a whopping 90% less for aluminium!

How is that for positive change with minimum efforts?

3. Adopt energy efficient appliance practices

Light Bulb- Energy Conservation











Whereas, our traditional light bulbs are incandescent and consume an excessive amount of electricity. Let’s replace them today!

This not only saves you money in the long run, but also conserves energy. In a typical home, one CFL can save upto 260 pounds of CO2 per year!

The practices we can adopt are endless, however it always starts with  the most basic level: yourself.

Talking isn’t trying Instead of preaching, it is time for us to put these practices in use and start taking these measures seriously and encourage those around to do the same.

Afterall, it is rightly said – there is too much energy conversation instead of energy conservation. It’s time to walk the talk and do our bit!

If you want to take a step further and contribute a bit more, here are “5 Creative Ways of Sustainable Living”!



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Malawika is a Mass Communication student from Delhi. She is an astrophile, passionate about Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan, and loves to listen to the Arctic Monkeys, her favorite band. Find her at her happiest while exploring new cities and justifying her love for the color orange!

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