Curiosity, Gratitude & Spirituality – 3 Steps for a Meaningful Life

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It’s easy to take life for granted. We assume we’ll live to be at least 80, we’ll always have that job, our tea will always be hot, we’ll always have food to eat, and that our pet will always come up to us showing love.

Already thinking how can all this be true? Of course, our tea won’t stay hot forever, within the next second we might face a huge recession and lose our jobs and who knows we might live till 80?

So we know that nothing is permanent, right?

But, sometimes we fall into the trap of acting like things are permanent, that everything will stay the same. We start ignoring opportunities that can change our lives to better, being satisfied with what we just have.

We didn’t think if our comfort will always be exactly as it is. In other words, we lose touch with our strengths that add “meaning in life” and fall into the trap of taking things for granted.

Here are these strengths and how they can help us achieve a meaningful life:


If you are high in curiosity, you love to explore what’s new and unique. Novelty is your best friend. Making inquiries is your default approach. Trying new foods and different cuisines, meeting new people, and making trips to new places are ways you fulfill your curiosity forever.

When you utilize curiosity to explore the world, you are looking, wandering, and wondering– you are looking for experiences, you are looking for adventures. Along these lines, you are attempting to understand your experiences and your general surroundings. That sort of attempt and sense-making is known as coherence and is the main component of meaning in life.


Gratitude goes beyond expressing thanks to somebody who has been decent to you or has given you a gift or a blessing.

People who are thankful have a wide feeling of gratefulness for life– they appreciate their very own life, regardless of whether they are in the midst of battles. They rush to catch themselves underestimating life or taking life for granted.

These people are thankful for every opportunity that comes their way, and they never let a good chance pass by.

These are the people who can quickly move their concentration from autopilot thoughtlessness to mindful attention. They notice what is great around them and what could be made greater by simple efforts 🙂


Spirituality has been defined consistently as the search for or communing with the sacred.

But what is sacred?  

Sacred is one of a kind to every individual. It can be spending time with your kid, taking part in a religious custom, enjoying the magnificence of nature, or even contributing to other people’s development.

Gautam Buddha was also a teacher, did you know that? Teaching was holy to him.

Even traveling solo is sacred because many people do that not just to explore the world but to explore themselves. They travel around and notice things. They leave a mark wherever they go. They find themselves and find a meaning of their life.

Meaning of life fits this strength like a pen in hand. If you are investing time deliberately engaging in what you accept as sacred, unique, or heavenly, it would be almost difficult to not see that as meaningful and important in the meantime.

When we permeate something as holy we are pressing significance filled goals and vitality toward that path. We are demolishing the effect of taking life for granted.

By using these strengths, we can achieve anything!

We can easily overcome every situation or battle we are fighting.

How? Because these strengths never let us give up and we hope for better and taking every chance we get as an opportunity.

So, how are you using these strengths in your favor? Let us know in the comments!

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