4 Different Concepts of Peace – and How to Achieve It

Peace written in a colorful light

Today we celebrate the International Day of Peace. Although we know that in many countries peace is still not a reality, it’s not a reason to feel powerless.

We should also take our time to think of the peace which we can contribute to, every day, around ourselves.

Think about it: what is peace?

The obvious answer  – and the place where our mind instantly takes us – is the absence of war. But this question goes way beyond that.

There are many other types of peace in the world, besides armed conflicts.

Whenever there’s conflict, there can be peace. And most of this is on our reach, we can actually do something to shape our world into a better place.

A peaceful home

This is probably the first place where a lot of kids get to know conflict.

Let’s not even go to a house where physical violence prevalence, which we know there are many. Husbands hitting their wives, parents hitting their kids. But some conflicts are not physical.

The mental violence inside a house can turn someone’s life into a living hell, and all you want is to see it stopping. We can do our part.

Lilo and Stitch loving family peace

We can avoid unnecessary arguments, or if the argument is necessary, we can try to lead it in a calmer and civilized way.

If you’re not well in your own home, or maybe you are the one disturbing the peace, it’s time to take some action upon it.

A healthy study or work environment

We see it every day, in real life and in fiction. Co-workers harming each other, kids bullying their classmates, teachers, and bosses disturbing the ones they lead.

Besides (obviously) not doing this sort of things, we can also actively prevent them from happening. If you see anything from this sort, have some courage, speak out!

The same way you put forward your opinions about fashion, sports or politics, this is something you should speak for.

We should defend peace in your own environment, not only for our sake but also for others.

Walking the streets in safety       

Most of us already had this feeling, of not being safe when we walk the streets at night.

Depending on where we live, it can be a constant fear, even in bright daylight. A country doesn’t need to be at war to have constant violence in its cities.

What can we do about it?

For starters, we can vote consciously. Take some good though, do a proper research on the candidates for your city, state or country. What do they propose to decrease violence?

And keep in mind that not always having a more strict and intolerant armed body is the solution: investments in education, lights, and streets cameras already help a lot!

Finding peace with yourself

This may be the most important one.

One can be at peace in the streets, in the house, or at work, but the one place we can never run from is ourselves.

Accepting, understanding and loving yourself may come as a big challenge, especially if the external environment is already unfavorable.

We tend to feel guilty. We judge and blame ourselves, much more than others do, and even more than we do with others. This is not fair, and it’s not easy. But it’s one peace that can only come from your own actions.

You need to be the first responsible for treating you well, accepting who you are and taking it easy. Respect your limitations and recognize your strengths!

There are many things you can do to help yourself: meditate, exercise, write a journal, or seek for a psychologist… The important is to do something 🙂

Maybe we can’t stop some national wars right now, but we can act every day in favor of peace.

All it takes is some courage and attitude.

Take some time to reflect upon these things, and understand: what actions you can take to make your world a bit more peaceful?

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