4 Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing The World

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Entrepreneurs are people who build, creates and achieves. Those who always searches out for change, react to it and take it as a chance. They start a venture bearing all the dangers, applying their creativity and imagination to pursue their fantasized goals.

We have numerous living examples of youthful and dynamic entrepreneurs who have taken the world by a squall. They are teaching us that a business is not just about money but much more.

Here are 4 of them who are just changing the world with their business:

1. Vibin Joseph BioZEEN (India)

Vibin Joseph is the organizer and Official Executive of BioZEEN, a biopharmaceutical organization that is in charge of vaccinating 33% of the youngsters over the globe. Joseph’s organization bio shares his motto:

“All our activities should benefit society and make our world a better place.”

The immunization manufacturing industry has truly been a niche market hoarded by only a couple of organizations. But Joseph has figured out how to break into the niche in a huge way.

BioZeen will probably “produce lifesaving therapeutics accessible for the entire of humankind“, very soon. They’re well on their way.

He portrays his coworkers as his “BioZEEN family”, where he tries to create an attitude of “we-not-I”.

What’s more? In his extra time, he guides school graduates and teaches science.

2. Dr. Gavin Armstrong Lucky Iron Fish (Canada)

Dr. Gavin Armstrong is helping to win the battle with iron deficiency, a condition that influences about 2 billion people. He’s doing it with the assistance of a lucky iron fish. Well, numerous lucky iron fishes.


Iron deficiency can prompt “anemia, weakness, impaired cognitive capacity, compromised physical development in children, and expanded danger of illness.” But on the other hand, it’s totally preventable.

Armstrong is the founder and President of Lucky Iron Fish – an association dedicated to reducing iron deficiency with the utilization of literal iron fishes.

The fishes are bubbled in a liter of water with a couple of drops of citrus juice. At that point, the fishes are removed and you utilize the staying iron-rich juices to finish your dinner. The fish are reusable and simple to clean.

Not just this, Armstrong’s lucky Iron Fish has a program that pays the fishes forward to those in need.

3. Yaron Gissin Kalisaya (US)

Yaron Gissin Kalisaya entrepreneur changing the world

Yaron Gissin was on a three-day photography trip in the desert when the idea of KaliPAK was generated. He and his colleagues had to stop their excursion after the majority of their gadgets (counting their cameras) came up short on power.

It would have been helpful to have a convenient source of inexhaustible power.

At the time, he didn’t give up and thought of a business plan that could solve the issue. As a result, today Gissin’s organization, Kalisaya (named after an Incan word used to describe energy from the sun), has built up the KaliPAK.

The product is an effectively versatile, portable, lightweight and rechargeable solar powered generator.

In spite of the fact that the thought developed from a longing to have a convenient power source for recreational travel, the KaliPAK’s appeared with the Israeli Air Force Humanitarian Rescue Mission for Worldwide Disaster Areas.

And wait, it’s also great for vacations 😉

4. Enass Abo-Hamed H2GO Power (Palestine)

“Imagine an electric grid powered by 100% renewable energy, and then extend that grid to power the transportation sector.

To achieve this requires innovative technologies that allow renewables to be stored and dispatched at all times, even when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. This is what we aim to enable.”


Enass Abo-Hamed is a champion of the sustainable power source. Her organization, H2GO Power, aims for “bringing affordable reliable energy to millions across the globe in a greenway, for large social and environmental impact.”

Abo-Hamed’s solid state, carbonless synthetic fuel, and simple storage ability enables H2GO to offer inexpensive, environment friendly power for regions off the power grid. H2GO tries to use overabundance renewables to make self-sustaining energy frameworks.

In the long term, Abo Hamed’s aim is to reduce air pollution caused by conventional power sources, provide power to the people who as of now live without, and to battle the spike incarbon dioxidee that is driving environmental change.

Are you inspired by these amazing entrepreneurs?

Do you want to join their ranks and make your own difference in the world? Then now might be a great time to check out our amazing Global Entrepreneur programme to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

Also,  feel free to share with us some more entrepreneurs that inspire you!
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