4 Habits That’ll Help You Thrive in 2019


“And suddenly you know… it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.”

~Meister Eckhart


2018 has been a roller coaster with multiple 360-degree loops and 90-degree drops. Don’t worry, this ride is almost over, and 2019 will be a whole new one.

You’re changing. You’ve become a different person from what you used to be and you’re growing more mature, wise and beautiful. Please remember that even when things are hard, it’s always for the better. Look at how far you’ve come, you should be proud of yourself.

You have new goals for yourself now, goals that you set to make yourself happy. You no longer feel the need to do something to meet another’s standards because there is no one more important to please than yourself.

Your anxiety has minimized, your smiles are wider and above all, you laugh more often. You can meet your own reflection without the need to hide.

Congratulations, you survived another year! Here are some things to keep in mind for the year to come:

1. Start with being really honest with yourself.

Bowl of words - 2019

The only way to change something is to first acknowledge it. To look at the situation exactly as it is but not over-contemplating it. Look at your fears, limitations, and obstacles right in the eye.

What’s working and what isn’t? What do you want to do that scares the crap out of you? Give yourself credit for what’s working and then find ways to change what isn’t in 2019.

As they say, the truth will set you free. But before, it might hurt or piss you off. Allow the same.

2. Experience is the best teacher, so learn something new every day.

Nick Jonas Quote - 2019

“Obstacles do not block the path, they are the path.”

The first time I heard this Zen Proverb, I didn’t get it. How could obstacles be the path? This idea of obstacles- of not blocking the way but actually being the way- sounded like an alien language to me.

But, here’s what I discovered: desires are powerful. Life is always guiding us towards what we want, but in that process, fears and failures will surface so that they can be seen and healed.

It’s okay if you’re scared of the future and you often fail at trying new things. Breathe, and remember that you are a work-in-progress. Don’t be embarrassed. Be empowered by the fact that you tried and that you are managing to grow!

Be a sponge, and take in as much as you can. Hold the mistakes and the successes close to your heart, and don’t be afraid of the people who have shaped you differently.

3. Embrace vulnerability.

Girl with stars - 2019

Vulnerability is scary. Yet, it’s the gateway to growth, change, and connection. It’s the last thing we want to practice, but the first thing we look for in others. We cannot shut out pain, shame, and disappointment by blocking love, growth, and connection.

So, have the courage allow your deepest and most fragile parts to be seen. Allow your heart to crack right open and something beautiful will happen: you’ll be able to transform difficult feelings into love, strength, and compassion.

Few months back, I met a girl in an open space at a conference. It was the second time we met, yet I felt the urge to suddenly share the fear I had at the time of not being enough and other things  I was scared of.

Apparently, she was experiencing similar sentiments. I felt relieved, empowered and more connected to her after the conversation.

4. Continue to grow

Flying girl with butterfly - 2019

The most important lesson I’ve learned this year is that unmatchable growth happens when we are ready to face discomfort. I have voluntarily taken up so many roles, changes, scenarios that scared me but through them, I conquered my fears and allowed myself to truly grow!


Start small. Identify your fear. Let it into your life, just a fraction of it. Allow it to sit there awkwardly and watch as the person you think you are-sniffs it out, backs away, circles it warily.

Go slowly. Allow yourself to feel intense discomfort, as well as the pleasure personal growth. Approach obstacles with an attitude of personal development, not as failures.

Try a language course online. Search out a volunteer position that’s similar to your desired career. Practice writing, reading or anything that will lead you closer to your goals. Celebrate small victories with a divine piece of chocolate. 😉

And then, plan your next move knowing you’ll take care of yourself every step of the way.

Quote on mirror - 2019

It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it.  

You’ll grow out of all the things you are going through.

In the process, get some sleep. Take care of yourself. Do yoga. Read every book you can get your hands on. Listen to your favorite music. But most importantly, don’t ever give up.


Let us know in the comments sections below what promises you are making to yourself at the end of the year and how you intend to keep them in 2019.

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Studying bachelor’s in biotechnology, Aayushi is a really passionate person, who loves to read and travel. She believes people, places, and stories have the power to change anyone and help them understand the purpose of life.

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