5 Creative Ways of Sustainable Living

plants ways of sustainable living

We are all aware of most of the problems that exist in our ‘sustainable’ world, so connecting to these issues isn’t a hard task. 

Poverty, hunger, poor health and education, lack of sanitation, climate change… These topics have been present in our daily lives and are increasing a lot.

And it’s been a while that many talks, debates and discussions continue to revolve around them.

But you know, only once someone levels up their motivation to take an actual action is when they initiate the rise of a hiding hero within them.

And let’s face it, a transformation is the need of the hour.

So why not bring in some exciting sustainable changes in our lifestyles, and actually leave a contribution to our planet?

Sustainable living comes to replacing basic habits or changing the way you do things for a more eco-friendly life.

And there are a lot of things, from small acts to big ones, that one can do.

Here are some of the basic acts of kindness you can do for the environment:

1. Keeping bird feeders and water holders in the balcony

Bird feeder ways of sustainable living

News often addresses that electromagnetic radiations and emissions from mobile towers severely affect the bird population.

To bring back the chirping of sparrows in our neighbourhoods, it’s always good to keep bowls of pulses and water to reduce the struggle of these beautiful aerial animals around us.

It helps them deal with the scorching heat and survive.

2. Make a small kitchen garden for fruits, flowers and butterflies

One of the most effective methods to reduce food waste would be to grow food where you live.

Planting such seeds in your own home would assure organic food with higher nutritional value.

It will be free from the pollution of insecticides and pesticides, and would freely invite shelter for butterflies and squirrels.

It will also reduce your dependence on plastic-wrapped packaged food, hence saving waste to the environment.

3. Use of glass, steel or brass items

glass bottles ways of sustainable living

Once plastic bottles enter your garbage, it will probably end up harming aquatic lives.

If we have alternatives to not affect other living beings, then why not to adopt them?

We always have the option to switch to ceramic jars for storing food, using glass or steel water bottles and even opting for bamboo or steel straws.

Not only is better for the environment, but also for us. For real.

Food captured in plastic materials, once consumed, alters with our molecular structures to cause stress, the excess of which can even cause cancer.

4. Making compost pits for sustainable wet waste

compost ways of sustainable living

Managing and segregating waste intelligently can make you a sustainable, smart and efficient leader.

Separate the wet waste with dry waste, and use it to generate organic compost or manure for your kitchen garden.

It’s always better than letting the wet waste food smell in dump yards and add to pollution and sickness for people around.

For garbage bins, it’s also advisable to replace the big black plastic bags with newspapers.

5. Implementing the golden mantra of ‘reuse’

We are all familiar with the concept of turning one thing in another and reusing it.

But apart from that, we also usually have things that can be handed over to people who can make better use of them.

For example, you can make up some space in our shelves or cupboards to store in newspapers, cardboards, magazines and journals and sell them to kabadiwala.

Make some money for your next book maybe?

People also repurpose the wood used in old doors to make new aesthetic cupboards or items for home decor.

This can get you to exercise minimalism for a more productive and clutter-free life.

Creativity is all it needs to be more sustainable and it can be implemented anywhere.

It just requires the right mind, a willing heart and some efforts.

Living sustainably can help save other living beings. They deserve to have a good taste of life, as much as we do.

For the better of the self and the future, let’s care and do this!

Do you have more ideas on how to be sustainable? Share with us in the comments!

You can also expand your acts of kindness by volunteering with us.



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Vanyashree Chaudhary is a light-hearted Journalism student from Delhi. She’s crazy about her love for graphic designing, Oreo shakes and Daft Punk. Find her the happiest while she’s travelling!

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