6 Countries which Have an Easy Visa Process For Indians

When it comes to travelling internationally, we are all secretly pissed by the long documentation and visa processes.

What if I tell you that there are countries where you can not only travel but also volunteer, without the hustle of running around for the documents and without the long empty waiting hours?

And that your next impulse trip can actually be somewhere you would have thought it would take you years to go to? 

Here are the 6 countries you can go to without a visa – or with a visa on arrival.


Our closest neighbour requires no visa for Indias!

And did you know there are direct buses from Delhi to Kathmandu? It is a 31 to 34-hours trip away, but if you’re not up to the challenge, there are trains and flights available too.

Nepal mountains Himalayan

If you are looking for volunteer projects and living a local experience, AIESEC offers a variety of volunteering opportunities. Get experience in the fields of marketing, Entrepreneurship, Content Creation, Animation or contribute to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


vietnam landscape

Vietnam has the option of E- VISA and Visa on Arrival for Indians, thereby reducing the time and efforts that are usually put in the documentation for a Visa. 

One of Southeast Asia’s most welcoming countries, Vietnam won’t offer you mesmerising scenery and pristine temples, but also geological wonders and mouth-watering food. There is no limitation on the period of the visit through the Visa on arrival or e-visa, and you can visit any city in Vietnam! 


Laos, or the lonely planet, is located in South East Asia.

It is all about sunset trecks, fairytale landscape, and cascading waterfalls. The country you would want to escape to if you are looking for an off – the -beaten track country.

laos landscape, vountry with easy visa

Laos provides visa on arrival for Indian Citizens with a maximum fee of 40$. It’s a hustle free process, with just passport and visa on arrival form.


Visa regulations and requirements for Indians were recently lifted by Indonesia. Indians can now visit Indonesia with an easy and extendable visa on arrival.

girl in bicycle in the air in Indonesia

This beautiful country is filled with nature and has a lot to offer to anyone who travels there.

“I’ve travelled to several countries in this world, and I always think that people from my country (Indonesians) are the nicest people in the world. But I changed my mind after I visited Sri Lanka. All of the people here are very nice and lovely! Wherever I go, all of the people are smiling at me sometimes I even feel tired that I have to smile all the time”

 – Tahlia,  from Indonesia


egypt is a country with easy visa

Egypt offers an e-visa to Indians, for a maximum period of 90 days. Many of our volunteers have previously visited Egypt and explore the richness of diversity, rare landscape and of course, the Nile.

“I stayed and worked there with people from more than over 30 different countries. These were not just people with a usual mindset, but a bunch of young people who believed that they were strong enough to create an impact on the world.

Before I left India, so many people used to tell me that Egypt is not safe and I might face many problems there. On my very first day there I realized that it is a country way more safe than we can think of.

From being stranded to breaking stereotypes. From changing what people think about India and Indians to discovering parts of Egypt that were beautiful beyond imagination. I’ve had it all. Sometimes, it is not just about the work, but all the beautiful experiences that come with being in a challenging environment.”

 – Pratibha,  did her 6 weeks internship in Egypt.

testimonial of girl who worked in Egypt


Being one of  India’s closest neighbouring countries, Sri Lanka offers an extendable e- visa facility.

Majority of the globe-trotters will agree that Sri Lanka is a union of all things wild and beautiful. You can find an infinity of wonderful activities there, from whale-spotting to sleeping in a tree house.

girl walking in the train line in Sri Lanka

AIESEC in Sri Lanka works on a wide variety of projects, like life below water, climate change, decent work and economic growth. 

Which of these countries would you like to visit next?

They’re all right there, waiting for you! AIESEC offers volunteer projects and short-term internships in each of these amazing destinations! Find out the opportunity for you.

Blog by- Khyati Ghai

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Kuntal Batra
Kuntal Batra
4 years ago

Egypt ! Egypt ! & Egypt !

Kuntal Batra
Kuntal Batra
4 years ago

Egypt !

Zairik Irfan
Zairik Irfan
4 years ago

Much needed articel

AIESEC India(@aiesec_india)
4 years ago
Reply to  Zairik Irfan

Glad you liked it!

Zairik Irfan
Zairik Irfan
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4 years ago

Only 6 countries for indians?

AIESEC India(@aiesec_india)
4 years ago
Reply to  Armaan

There are many more, of course. We just chose a few to highlight 🙂 We’d be happy to know which other countries with an easy visa process you recommend! Maybe we can write about then next time 😉