7 Ways to Volunteer Abroad on a Low Budget

How many times have you thought or wished to volunteer abroad and become an agent of change only to step back as soon as you thought of the expenses?

With AIESEC, you can put these problems to rest and take up an opportunity to volunteer abroad in a way which won’t dig a hole too deep your pocket.

Our Global Volunteer program provides young individuals a chance to be the change as they step out of their comfort zone and take proactive steps to work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals in a country which is foreign to them. With 125+ countries and a vast range of volunteer programs ranging from teaching to gender equality to sanitation to explore; the world is your oyster.

  1. Planning is the key

First things first, it is important for you to plan your budget and set a limit for yourself, so you don’t go overboard with it. Prepare a proper checklist and devise an estimate budget for every expenditure that you may have to incur. Try and set an upper and/or buffer limit for your budget as well. Planning beforehand will help you get a rough idea about your expenses and then you may as well be able to come up with ways to minimize your expenditure. You may wish to plan your trip during off season and book your tickets well in advance to save a few bucks there as well.

  1. Making informed decisions

Believe it or not but you can bring about a huge difference in your expenses by choosing the right country. Do your research well and decide which country will complement your budget. Look for projects which provide the best and the most cost-effective facilities on the AIESEC Opportunity Portal. Many projects even provide free meals and accommodation! Speak to the AIESEC representatives in your city, who will be able to assist you better or visit the AIESEC India website for more details.

  1. Global Host

Try and opt for Global Host over hostels and apartments to get a chance to experience the country in its most authentic and natural form. You will spend your days and engage with the locals of that place and learn the tricks and trades of your country from the local themselves. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to experience and savor the culture, heritage, and ethnicity of the country even within the four walls of the house which doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.

  1. Save a few bucks with referral schemes

AIESEC has several referral schemes which will enable you to get great discounts such as convincing your friends to go for volunteer projects with you. Speak to the AIESEC representatives in your city to know more about these schemes and discounts and make the most of it.

  1. Go Local

Manage your expenses by adopting cost effective techniques such as trusting the locals and living like them by choosing street food or cooking instead of eating at restaurants. This will not only help you manage your expenses but also help you realize your hidden talent of cooking! Make sure you even explore the hidden gems of the country such as flea markets or street food stalls to have a complete experience as well as to go light on your pocket.

  1. Embrace public transport

Choose public transport or decide to give your body a change by choosing to travel on foot to reduce cost. This will give you a chance to completely soak in the experience of travelling in a different country as you interact with the locals, try to decipher their language and communicate with them and observe and savor the things that are unique to that country.

  1. Find Student Discounts

Student cards are incredible. Did you know that you can get discounts at more than 125,000 places in 133 countries around the world? With flash sales on transatlantic flights for $99, a whopping 35 percent discount on Eurail, and so much more, your student card is a savior. Sometimes you can travel with the university card issued by your school/college/university but it’s not a guarantee. The gold standard is the International Student Identity Card (a.k.a. the ISIC). This handy little card will save you cash anywhere on earth!

Now is the time for change; now is the time for you to be the change by stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring and realizing your potential only to impact and improve lives. So, what are you waiting for? Take the leap of faith, trust your gut and get, set, packing! Book your tickets and pack your bag to experience the best few weeks of your life!

Sign up as a Global Volunteer today!

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