A Snippet from across the border

In 2012, I was in my 2nd year and I did not know how to go about my career. I did not have a clear vision for my future. On 10th September 2012, I across a post on Facebook that caught my eye. The post said, “Do you want to be a Global Leader and work with the most diverse people in the world? JOIN AIESEC.” A ray of hope sprouted in my heart that this might help in exploring my potential. We had an AIESEC information desk at our university and that is where I got to know that it’s the world’s largest student organization. Never was I confident that I’d be able to clear the first round of the recruitment process, but fortunately I did. I was recruited as a member of Marketing & Communications department that has helped me unfold the basics of Communications for the corporate market. I was promoted to the role of Director, External Branding and then, Organizing Committee Vice-President of the biggest AIESEC Conference of Pakistan. In additionto all of this, I became the National Social Media Manager of AIESEC Russia. Currently I am working as Local Committee Vice President– Branding, Communication & Information Management of AIESECKarachi, Pakistan.



That’s not it, I am also a National Support Board Member of AIESEC United States. If one thing that AIESEC has created in me, it is the spark – a spark to do better, a spark to be an asset for this society. Living in Pakistan, I have a network connecting me to over 25 countries including India, Romania, Russia, Indonesia, China, United States, Austria, Australia, Mexico, Morocco, Malaysia, Portugal, Brazil, Bulgaria and many more! If you are ready to live the same experience & boost your utmost potential, then be a Global Leader with AIESEC!

The author Hussain Dewani is the Local Committee Vice-President Branding, Communications & Information Management of AIESEC Karachi, Pakistan. He is also on the support board for Brand & Design, AIESEC United States. AIESEC truly connects people. While in AIESEC, political, national and international barriers seem to diminish under the power of one globalculture, defined by peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential.

This is why we exist, live and evolve.

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