AIESEC – 65 Years of Developing Great Leaders

For 65 years AIESEC has been impacting young people around the world. And yet we are often referred to as “The World’s Best Kept Secret.” Until Now!

With a midterm ambition to provide life-changing leadership development experiences to 1 million young people before the end of 2015, the organisation is thinking big and making the brave decision to dramatically evolve. Economical, social and technological change demands responsible and entrepreneurial leaders who are both adaptable and globally minded. By its international nature, AIESEC has already succeeded in bringing together over 1 million young and talented minds to build a road towards a better future, where cultural and social boundaries are overtaken by international exchange of experiences and ideas. Understanding the world is the most powerful tool to change the world and this is what AIESEC aims to do.

This is why we do what we do. This is our contribution. Join us, and impact the future.

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Gordon Ching
9 years ago

Amazing job! Love this video.

N'GUESSAN Konan Roger
N'GUESSAN Konan Roger
9 years ago

I m very happy to AIESEC improvement.

Luisa Leal
9 years ago

Love this video, AIESEC continues to improve the graphic lines and marketing strategies. I personally invite you all to watch this video we did in Venezuela, for the project: Emprendiendo para el Futuro.