AIESEC Awarded for ‘Enabling Youth Mobility’

Over the past year, AIESEC enabled a total of over 20,000 exchange experiences. One of AIESEC’s two key exchange programmes is the Global Internship Programme (GIP). AIESECʼs Global Internship Programme is an opportunity for a young person to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership by living a cross-cultural professional development experience.

In the last year, AIESEC has facilitated over 5,000 professional development internships across the globe, for students of all types of backgrounds and areas of study. In the wake of the global recession, AIESEC has used its Global Internship Programme to help support economic growth and prosperity as well as skills development for young people by focusing on industries that are growing and bringing in needed talent to new markets.

AIESEC proudly announces that the AIESEC Global Internship Programme has won recognition for “Enabling Youth Mobility”. This award is presented by the European Alliance on Skills for Employability and sponsored by Adecco.

The award was given out during the European Employment Forum last November 27 and was received by Crisette Arcilla, a representative of the AIESEC International Team.

Congratulations goes out to every AIESECer and partner of AIESEC who has enabled a young person to travel across the world to have his/ her life changed.

To apply for AIESEC’s Programmes, .

For more information on the European Employment Forum, where AIESEC received the award, visit the event’s website here.

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