Being Young, Wild and Relevant

On our miniscule celestial sphere that we call a planet, adolescents and youth make up one quarter of the population. Knowingly or unknowingly, they are shaping global development and constantly challenging norms of all kinds. With such a powerful statistic on the table, it is particularly irksome to understand how teenage and early adulthood is perceived across the world.



In all this vastness, at every point in time, one generation finds the fresher one unreasonably rebellious and irresponsible. Far from the psychological spin-off of age, to a large extent, this is true. The word and phase ‘youth’ are certainly overpriced. Most young boys and girls recklessly squander the most essential phase of their lives that supports both mental and physical cooperation and self-interest.


While stepping into high school or university, young people are unable to put up with competition, popularity and the fame game for very long. The big dreamy eyes are weakened and intimidated and shut down with no nerve for persuasion. With every flutter of the eye-lid, people live on or live out of this world. A thousand new games flood App Store, a car is made, a war can break out and white flag may be waved. Every single sweep by the seconds-hand of a clock smears our conjecture and hope that life will be good to us. The gimmick here is the assumption that opportunities are limited. Positively, the flipside of a coin reassures that somewhere a new niche has been carved, a new kismet is embarked upon and a new fortune is given birth to.


As a twenty-year-old, I find it difficult to be on a line with those that have already established a reputation for themselves in fields of my interest too. However, it is only when I quit doubting my abilities and lose to the qualms over the choices I make, am I at peace with myself.


The universe is a humbling place to be. If we could sweat at work as much as we do on the dance-floor and get our hearts to pound hard not just for a favorite rock concert but for the beauty of our dreams, we will stop merely existing in its immenseness. It is not about getting our names etched in dusty books in libraries. It is about taking chances, savoring every moment, facing our fears and being relevant.


Leading an obscure living is never the option. Find your passion and live on, till the end of time.

-Priyadarshini Sivakumar

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