Corpoworking: a newfound love?

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Imagine not having to work in cubicles anymore, no walls creating boundaries to separate you from your colleagues. A completely open space with a fun layout of your workplace, which allows each of you to work together, interact more while being more productive. Well, this is where corpoworking comes in. 

The most recent trend in the corporate industry is that of corpoworking. If we break it down, it is actually corporate coworking,” the term is a mere combination of these 2 words and thus, the meaning is conveyed quite literally.

To put it in a simpler way, corpoworking has been taking forward the traditional sense and meaning of coworking in a more casual and informal way. A new norm facing the corporate industry, corpoworking is basically a place inside or outside the premises of the company, where employees can work together in a free manner and in synergy with each other. It also has the perks of entertaining and hosting clients, conducting business meets, etc. All of this results in more creativity and a lot of productivity as well; the saying “the more the merrier” resonates pretty well with this concept or trend. All of these points are backed by research done by multiple companies. 

Many startups tend to have the concept of corpoworking in place, and often, it can be said, this leads to more chances of the startup gaining success. Nowadays, most of the big companies everywhere are trying to incorporate this trend into their workplaces. There’s just one factor which businesses are concerned about, regarding corpoworking i.e. information protection. Multiple employees working together, business and client meet happening at the place can supposedly result in misplacement of sensitive information. Though this is a problem, officials have been trying to work on it. When compared to this point the number of benefits and pros to corpoworking are quite high.

By the looks of it, there are multiple benefits to corpoworking. Here follows a list of all the benefits to corpoworking, which will encourage every company to adopt it in their work system. 

Beneficial for the Employee

Corpoworking as a concept has been completely designed for the benefit of the employees. The traditional offices tend to keep their employees very guarded and under the radar. On the other hand, in corpoworking, the layout of the coworking spaces are well thought of and designed with the well-being of the office goers kept in mind. Workplaces such as these reek of employee benefits and comfort.

One fine example of corpoworking is the booming WeWork. An American real estate business WeWork provides shared working spaces to multiple startups or companies.

More productivity

As discussed earlier, corpoworking leads to more productivity amongst the employees. When a group of minds works together on different projects, more ideas, perspectives, loopholes, and solutions come out. A client/business meeting happening at a relaxed co-working space, makes the two stakeholders involved think more freely with no obstruction as such. Keeping all these in mind, there is an absolute increase in the productivity level of the workplace. 

Flexible workplace

Allows mobile workers and digital nomads to walk in and out, move freely and work as flexibly as they want. With a more relaxed workspace, it affects employee psychology in a positive way leading to better work results as employees nowadays are avoiding traditional cubicles and offices. 

Expanding network especially for freelancers and startups

With employees and workers from diverse fields working under the same roof, they are able to expand and increase their work network. 


Corpoworking provides the employees with a choice of whether they would like to work with a team or individually. Regardless of their choice, one can avail any kind of help easily from like-minded individuals while working in synergy, leading to a lot of support from each other too. 

Positive Image

Corpoworking definitely adds a positive value to the brand image of a company. A company that values the mental and physical health of an employee and not just good work but also the informal cultural activities and other requirements; this is something that can be capitalized on when competing with other companies especially for new employees.

Team work is the best!

Thus to sum it all up, corpoworking is aimed at keeping the employees of various workplaces happy and content; and in return expecting better results, productivity in terms of work. More and more multinational companies like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook have also adopted this trend. That being said, corpoworking is here to stay in spite of it being a new trend in the industry.

If you have any suggestions or insights, please let us know in the comments, we would love to hear that.

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