How to lead the change

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How many times a day do we go through this word ‘change’? How many times do we often end up blaming the government for all the happenings in the country? How many times do we blame our leader? Do you think that it is the time for the youth to take up an initiative and lead the change?  Do you think that it is the time for us to change? Time to change our thinking, our way of perceiving things and our methods and strategies?

If the above answer to all the questions is a yes, then it is a time for us to change our way of living. It is a time of Now or Never. It is the time to lead the change and be the change.

Effective leadership is the need of the hour. There is nothing such as a good leader or a bad leader, it all depends on the person’s way of leading. Hitler was a bad leader for the entire world, but for his tribe he was a great leader and the same is with Mahatma Gandhi. What matters is how we perceive things. Leadership is the key element for leading the change. Below are the 3 Cs of leading the change:

1. Communicate- in order to lead the change, the leader should communicate effectively. Rather than focusing on ‘what’, he should concentrate on the ‘why’ of people. The what, why and how behind everything should be clear. Also, developing clear-cut strategies and planning the way forward can help leaders get a broader perspective on how to change. People usually shrink to have hard conversations, leaders need to make sure that they take their members out of that nut shell and provide them with a space to make mistakes and grow.

2. Collaborate- working with people from diverse backgrounds and managing them is very tedious. There might be conflicts between people, but it depends on a leader how he/she manages things effectively. The leader should know how to bring the people together and execute the change.

3. Commit- change is the only constant and without adapting to the ever-changing environment, no leader can ever survive. It is very crucial for a leader to step out of his comfort zone and experience the unknown. If the leader won’t initiate, no one else would like to initiate a change. Therefore, a leader must be open and adaptable.

There is a quote, “ To lead the change, you need to be the change” which means that if you want to see the change, you need to initiate it and you need to change yourself first. It all starts from YOU.

A good leader will paint a vivid picture in front of the people and inspire them to give their best no matter what. But, change is not an easy sell. There are various ways in which leaders can lead the change and create an impact on the people:

  • Be open
  • Be adaptable
  • Listen to your members and provide them a safe space
  • Initiate hard talks
  • Build their resilience
  • Empower them to make decisions

Effective leadership can help us solve all the issues that the world is going through right now, all it needs is a practical approach and open eyes towards the issues that we don’t talk about. If we don’t lead the change, who else will?

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Aishwary Chauhan