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I went on an exchange through AIESEC in June 2018 to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on a Global Volunteering Project. It was a six-week long exchange and I believe it was life-altering because it helped me gain perspective, but also explore myself in an alien country, while I volunteered in an orphanage to teach English.

Here are three key reasons why I found AIESEC feasible and ideal for me to choose as an option for optimal global exposure!

  1. Youth Proposition and Value for Money

    I went on an exchange and realised that the living costs are minimised by the variety we get as Exchange Participants, which authenticates the youth proposition of AIESEC. I believe since the youth doesn’t have a huge investment for global experiences, AIESEC gaps this bridge with its USP.

    The legal processes are super simplified as it is supported by another trusted body!

  2. For the Youth, by the Youth

    Even though AIESEC has been there for a long time, it is still relevant as it is run by the youth who are volunteers that have no monetary incentives and motivated primarily through social welfare to sustain and implement methods that align with our vision: Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential.

    That enables me to trust the exchange team with ease and makes my parents feel more comfortable as well. Moreover while travelling there are many AIESEC volunteers who like to accompany you which ensures that you never feel lonely and makes it easier to make friends!

  3. Leadership and Socio-Cultural relevance

    Leadership is our most basic product, and AIESEC promotes it extensively, be it members or Exchange Participants. You know you’re doing something good because you’re travelling to contribute to another country to make a difference.

    At the same time, AIESEC believes in the development of leadership qualities throughout the experience and it is precisely mapped out into self-aware, solution-oriented, empowering others and world citizen.You come back as a changed and better person, who can connect with the problems of the world now, and can challenge themselves to find solutions to those problems even more!

    My exchange with AIESEC has played a pivotal role in my life and has developed and changed me and my perspective and outlook towards the youth playing a major role in today’s global issues and how we as the young generation can impact and be relevant to all the different scenarios around us.

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Malawika is a Mass Communication student from Delhi. She is an astrophile, passionate about Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan, and loves to listen to the Arctic Monkeys, her favourite band. Find her at her happiest while exploring new cities and justifying her love for the colour orange!

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