Why We Need Humanitarians More Than Ever Today

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“Today, 120 million people globally need aid just to survive as a result of violence and conflict.”

Whenever a conflict breaks out or an unforeseen calamity strikes, it falls upon humanity to aid those who have been affected ruthlessly by it and build a community which aspires for peace and reconciliation of security challenges. While we talk about the imminent issues that the world faces today, do we really know why we fall prey to it?

The distance between people and the apparent loss of empathy amongst humans is by far the most concrete reasoning for it. As technology improves and the economy grows, it becomes easier to cause destruction on an even larger scale. The need for humanitarians is now more than ever.

Every year hundreds of people suffer from impoverishment, attacks and various other crises. Most issues come from the remotest of locations where even the basic facilities can’t reach the masses. The priceless efforts of humanitarians in these times are worthy of lauds and praises and an example for all of us to learn by.

But does the obligation lie only in the hands of a few to save the world from the horrors of the wars and attacks?

There lies no secret in becoming a humanitarian and aiding the distraught masses. All you need is a little perspective, empathy and a little courage to go out there and give it your all.

No humanitarian work is big or small. When you carry the grit to serve before thinking about yourself, you can make an impact larger than you imagine. Today, over 68 million people have been forced out of their homes, due to wars, violence and persecution. Within the warm confines of our homes, we can do very little for people who deserve a much better treatment that they are subjected to. So, what can we really do to help them?


Sitting within the four walls of our rooms, we are only aware of what we see from the virtual space. The ground realities sometimes are totally different. We can’t assess the damage and the devastation people have faced. It is only when we understand people from the purview outside of the borders, culture and languages, do we realise how all of us can help each other in the times of crises.


Only a few people going on to save a million affected and displaced individuals is not an easy task. The world needs more of humanity. The world needs more courage. Each and every one of us can serve together and survive together. A community of self-aware and solution-oriented individuals is what the youth should aim for, for a better future.


These goals are the blueprint for us to achieve a better and a more sustainable world. Most of the goals have been listed down keeping in mind the global challenges humanity faces. Whether it is about drought-stricken territory or about peace and justice. The sustainable development goals give us a direction and help us strive towards a healthier lifestyle and a safe world. It becomes imperative for all of us to know what the challenges humanity is surrounded by and how we can work and strive towards building a solution for it.


As the youth, it falls upon us to shape the future how we want it to be. Our present determines what the upcoming years would look like. The way we take action, the way we spread awareness determines how we want to contribute towards the society. By emulating a sense of empathy, a sense of belongingness towards every individual of the world, irrespective of any biases, we are building and empowering people to strive towards peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential. We are contributing towards how we want our future to be.

Humanitarians are not born with a specified set of skills, all of us can be real life superheroes. It just needs a little courage, grit and sensibility of how we want to contribute to the community. It takes only one strong thought and one impactful decision for you to change the face of the world.

If fidelity to freedom and democracy is the code of our civic religion, then surely the code of our humanity is faithful service to that unwritten commandment that says we shall give our children better than we ourselves received.

More than any time in recent history, Our destiny is not of our own choosing. To the ones who need help, they did not seek, nor did they provoke an assault on their own freedom and their way of life. They did not expect nor invite a confrontation with evil. Yet they showcase resilience and stand for what they believe in.

The true measure of a person’s strength is how they rise to master that moment when it does arrive. Decisions and changes are made by people who show up.

On this World Humanitarian Day, ask yourself- How much more longer are you going to wait to show up?

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