BRIC Conference 2013

This conference, the first ever of its kind will witness young students and entrepreneurs from four resurgent nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China, popularly denoted as BRIC countries finding these answers. The objectives of the conference is to create a conducive environment and build a common consensus of what the youth of these nations stand for. Together the participant members of AIESEC international will try to find common solutions on how AIESEC can establish itself with greater relevance and understand better what does young people want, more than ever. The international symposium will also seek more avenues for mutual understanding and growth.

The conference hosted by AIESEC India will try to establish a niche for itself in the international network by promoting mutual growth and understanding as the base agenda. Being the leading country in the network, India will harmonise the diversity while giving an international direction to the participating nations.

The conference is in full swing, you can join the discussion virtually.
Find the live stream:
Follow the discussion on twitter @AIESECIndia with the hashtag #briciton

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