Chandigarh Youth to Business Forum 2013


Chandigarh Youth to Business organized By AIESEC at Indian School of Business, Mohali Campus was held at 19th and 20th January. Youth to Business Forum is a unique meeting point for youth leaders from around the world and leading organizations. Over 200 youth leaders and selected organizations met, shared perspectives and propose possible actions around issues.

The theme of the forum was Envisioning City 2020, the agenda was designed in a way to empower the delegates to connect themselves to the businessmen in the room and paint the perfect picture for the city.

The Panel Discussion, with Mr. Gautam Munjal playing the Moderator, proved to be as enlightening and engaging as ever with Mr. Jyoti Kamal, Mr. Vikram Jain, Mr. IP Singh, Mr. Robin Aggarwal and Mr. Vivek Atray sharing their opinions about Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Progress and Innovation through their personal stories and experiences.


She Leads opened with Ms. Ramita Vig, President, AIESEC India asking some serrated questions that cut through many inconspicuous denials and proclivities of ours that inhibit the growth of female leadership. Mrs. Sangeet Growar , in light contrast highlighted that Female Leaders are simply individuals with leadership potential, and the tag of them being out there to prove the existence of “empowered women” itself violates the virtue of
gender equity.

Mr. Shashank Mehta, Co-founder Climate Connect, to deliver the session, “Champions of Change : Founders’ Series”. Through an interactive method of asking the delegates for their opinions, he smoothly sailed through the structure of his session defining Business, and explaining how adaptation to change is the only way to ensure sustainability of organizations. Three valuable tips to the youth to scale heights, through the most unusual and hilarious examples- “Be Passionate and Persistent” , “Be early in the game” and “Be prepared and break the attern”.

Mr. Vinay Johar, CEO of R Chillies took over the stage to proceed with the Founders’ League and began with sharing his inspiring story. “Business needs to solve a problem, and it needs passion”. He addressed the delegation with humour and a refreshing round of questions. He highlighted how quality always rules over quantity- Creating, marketing and delivering ONE best product!

Mr. Kiruba Shankar, the Highlight of our Forum, elucidated upon how the greatest resource of our time – Social media platforms- can be used by the youth for strengthening professional connections, carry out revolutionary campaigns and several other usages.

Everything that Youth to Business Forum aimed to achieve was attained and encapsulated in the closing plenary.

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