Climbing the Ladder

It is a rarity for most to go beyond what they are most comfortable with in their lives, especially when they are already contented with what they have. The very idea of doing something more purposeful than what I was already doing seemed fantastically futile and hence I had not got a reason to prove myself otherwise for the same, until NSC 2013.

Even today, I distinctly remember my Local Training Seminar (LTS), way back in September 2013. It is an orientation day for new recruits of AIESEC. When I had to talk about how my day was experience, I remember saying, “I’ve been part of a lot of organizations like theatre companies like LOK, Shriek of Silence and QTP productions etc., but here it feels a little different. I’d definitely like to see how AIESEC changes me.” I now realize the there was a tinge of arrogance about my words. However, in all honesty, I could not see AIESEC making me any better than what I already was.

In October 2013, I got the opportunity to be a delegate for the National Strategic Conference. I told myself that if this chance does not give me anything to take back, I would put a full stop to my AIESEC journey. I entered the conference hall and that was the last time the thought could occur to me. Those five days of the conference changed everything for me. Beyond the enjoyment and the interactions with people, I learnt what AIESEC really is all and what we as an organization are trying to do in this world.

Most of the those nights, I ended up building conversations with new people and resolved to answer that one question I had always had – “How can I, with all the experience and craziness I have, contribute to something that is much larger, the purpose of which is much nobler than I could ever imagine?”

I moved slowly, with patience. I became the Cluster Manager for Calcutta for Nokia [V] Indiafest, 2014 and I did what I do best – tell everyone who worked under me/ with me how brilliant my world of AIESEC is. This did work, especially for the February recruitments that were lined up then. After handling a few more essential responsibilities such as Management Body term, I am currently the Manager for Media and Public Relations for AIESEC in Kolkata.

This is my story so far. Although a normal day of mine includes a lot of activities, it is only AIESEC that defines me now. The new responsibility I hold does make me feel nervous. But, I am not going to allow this fear to stop me from doing what I aim to do for my Local Committee and the youth of my city. I will learn and succeed. That is my promise and also a prayer.


The author Sean Ankit Bothra is a member and Manager for Media & PR, AIESEC in Kolkata.

By offering experiences as lessons instead of preachy texts in prints, AIESEC tactfully lays down membership programs that are best suited for young individuals who are passionate. Experiential Leadership Development being its core operational goal, AIESEC enables the youth to develop themselves and help develop others too. 

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