Everyone Needs a Pep Talk

Here is Kid President, a 9 year old, looking you in the eye, compelling you to wake up and listen to your heart. It is a simple positive message; do something worthwhile with your life regardless of the difficulties.

How can one not love this miniature chubby cheeked version of a President telling you to contribute to the society and not remain boring?

He is modest and truthful in his criticism where he roars “It Hurts Man”, judging Robert Frost on his ideology of taking the road “Less traveled . Yes, he’s right. The road less traveled will hurt and there will be thorns and bumps along the way. But why not use the clearer road that, those before us have traveled and cleared?

A petite, suited bundle of awesomeness instructs you not to stop believing your dream unless its stupid, cause stupidity again makes you boring.

Be simple and awesome!

Well everybody needs a pep talk, try this one.


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