Global Entrepreneur

Global Entrepreneur for starups: We provide startups with the opportunity to connect with high-potential talent to help your business grow and expand across new markets. Offering your startup a chance to connect with some of the most promising young talents and Entrepreneurs.

What is this programe
all about?

400+ Interns

15+ Countries

100+ Startups partners

Variety of Young talent exclusively for the startup environment, directly tackling the challenges that entrepreneurs are facing today.

Recruit fast, recruit right:

With AIESEC's Global Entrepreneur program you can hire proactive and ready to learn interns from around the world for your startups. We have a quick process to find the right interns from abroad for your startup.

Develop young talent:

We recruit interns specifically who are looking to work in startups. Recruit these interns to get your small projects done or be a part of the team to create a learning experience for them.


No extra cost:

We recommend to provide a stipend so that you can get only the top talent, however if you are new startup you can take interns without stipend and just Food and accommodation for the duration of internship.

Nurture a global work environment:

You can recruit from our global network, young and entrepreneurial students with Global mindset looking to develop themselves by working in startups.

Why Hire with AIESEC?

  • Bring global perspective to your startup:
    Disruption needs thinking and working with people from diverse background, we provide international talent to contribute to your startup's growth.
  • Contribute to world Leadership:
    Make your startup a learning space for young people so that it nurtures an environment of growth and learning.
  • Cost Effective & VISA process to be taken care by AIESEC:
    AIESEC supports startup through in sourcing young people from abroad.

How it works?


Sign up


Fill Job questionnaire and sign contract
Dowload JQ




Interview and select


Internship delivery

What are the costs involved?

Servicing fee
INR 12000

Services include

  • Airport pickup
  • Visa Assistance
  • Induction for first day of work
  • Induction and preparation for intern into the country
  • Support and Facilitation during the internship
  • Help in finding accommodation for interns


We have something for you too,Please register on the Global Talent Page.

It costs 12,000 INR as administration and service fee to AIESEC. Other than this provide accommodation and travel within India if it is required. AIESEC local office helps in finding an accommodation if you dont have one.

It takes roughly 2 months for the entire process of selection to arrival of the candidate

Major of our candidates come from Egypt,Indonesia, Bahrain, Brazil

We are glad that you chose AIESEC, Please go to to the Students section of website.

We assure it does not happen however, refund circumstances and situations are mentioned in the contract, Please read it carefully.

It is an easy process as an AIESECer is always there to help you. You will have to fill the Job Description form and sign a contract with the local office of AIESEC India, Moreover, for VISA for the candidate. you need to provide Internship letter, registeration certificate & any other letter if deemed neccessary

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