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Did you know that over 64% of our engineering graduates are unemployable due to lack of skills?
Did you know that On an average most Indian universities revise their curricula only once in five to 10 years?
Did you know that According to NAAC, 90% of the colleges and 70% of the universities in the country are of either average or poor quality.?
Did you know that Indian students now spend $7 billion to go abroad and study in foreign universities because of the poor quality of education at home.?
Did you know that Almost half of the country’s population is below 25 years. Almost 10 per cent of them or 12 crore are between the ages of 18 and 23. If they are equipped with both knowledge and skills, they could drive India’s entrepreneurial and Competitive spirit and make it into global power?

Why Become a Global Entrepreneur?

250+ Interns

20+ Countries

180 Projects

Build your CV

One of the key thing to consider for an employer to hire a undergrad is to look what they did inter college years. We provide you with a internship abroad with a startup and develop your skill even further. Prerequisite is just one, be a beginner or an intermediate in the background that you are applying for.

Entrepreneurial stint:

Do you want to be Entrepreneur or have entrepreneurial tendencies. Our Global Entrepreneur program will allow you to work with a start up at an early stage in college years and learn the fundamentals of a startup in a global environment as an intern.

Develop yourself:

ou can also take this internship program while you are undergrad if you are skilled in any skill like graphic design, programming, marketing, social media management. We have opportunities in countries like Indonesia, Greece, Egypt and many more. Many startups in our network are looking for young talent who are beginner or intermediate in these skills and are proactive to learn.

Expand your network:

One of the key things in early stages of career is to build your network with as many diverse individuals as possible. This internship will allow you to in the community of more than 2000+ individuals who take up International internships through AIESEC every year.

What you would
work on?


6-12 weeks





You would work in a startup abroad for the duration of 6-12 weeks. Global Entrepreneur is a global internship opportunity for young people(Under grads to Graduates) who seek to develop themselves and their career by working with a startup.

How much you would need to pay

Program Registration Fee
INR 19,500

What is provided?

  • Affordable International internship Fees
  • Support with application process and Outgoing Preparation
  • Support in the host country to help you with project preparation
  • Access to International Internship Opportunities
  • Access to Leadership Development Assessment tools
  • Online Support and Program Guide (EP guide booklet)
  • Support with VISA Documents and Insurance
  • Personal Goal Setting Sessions before the Program
  • Experience Debriefing sessions after the Program
  • Accommodation (Additional Fee upto 200$ might be charged in some Countries)

Total Program Expenses
INR 20000- INR 150000 based on the country you choice

Total Expenses in the Program apart from Registration Fee

The countries we recommend


Flight costs

INR 35000


INR 5000

Basic Living costs

100$ per Week

Additional costs

No Add. cost

The one month that I spent in Bahrain taught me a lot of life lessons, gave me unforgettable memories and most importantly, friends who would be the closest to my heart. -Rahul, VIT

View Opportunities in Bahrain

How it works?


Sign up

Complete your profile on our opportunities portal, then you will be able to apply to opportunities abroad.


Filter and search

With multiple filter available search opportunities that you like




Once your application is selected, we can start with interview process for internship



Once interview is clear, pay the fee and we will now support in visa and departure process.

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You must a student between the age of 18-30

We have mentioned the cost specifically country wise according to our past experiences on the website

No, we only provide opportunities abroad since we believe it allows one to be out of their comfort zone and is a cross cultural experience

Yes, after you finish your experience, you will be asked to fill out two surveys in your profile on, post which you will be able ot collect a survey from Global office online.

Yes we have an official partner to help our participants throughout in reasonable prices

Different countries require different documents however you will require your passport, an Invitation letter

No stipend is provided in these opportunities

Selection process involves an interview

We have 27 local offices and each office helps student from in and around their city to go abroad. Our National office is in Mumbai and Global office in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Food and accomodation is provided in most of the opportunities, however if not, the subsidy or overall cost is mentioned

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