Global Talent For Companies

Over the last 3 decades, we have partnered with thousands of companies that include a lot of multinationals, small and medium enterprises as well as schools and Educational institutes. AIESEC adds value to your business with Talent who can bring international expertise & the ability to communicate and work across the globe.

What is this programe
all about?

1200+ interns every year

40+ countries

200+ partners in India

Flagship talent program: We excel in providing the right talent for your organisation, we have been doing so more than 2 decades in India. We have partnerships with companies who are our premium partners like TCS and Tech Mahindra to hundreds of companies who take interns every year.

Best talent selection: Since we have global network, we provide international talent to work in your company from various countries. You will have a choice of atlas 5 countries to choose from depending upon your work profile and requirements.

Full range of support:We support all interns with all other necessary legal process such as Visa assistance and FRRO. While taking interns from us all you have to worry about is the Selection interview and experience of the intern.

Boost your work culture: Our partners have always loved the energy and air that our interns bring to their workplace while also contributing to a dynamic environment.

Why Hire with AIESEC?

  • Bring global perspective:
    Bring talent from around the world to contribute to your company's growth. Thinking out of the box is much easier with international talent.
  • Gain competitive talent advantage:
    Source talent specific to what your company requires. With our diverse talent pool and thousands of young people on our system, you can recruit one of them.
  • Contribute to world Leadership:
    Make your company a place where you nurture and develop young leaders by giving them a learning experience.

How it works?


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Fill Job questionnaire and Contract


Screening and Interview


Internship delivery

What are the costs involved?

For Marketing, IT, BA, Hospitality, Engineering

6 weeks - 3 months
Rs 17,500
3 - 5 months
Rs 22,500
6 - 9 months

For Teaching

6 weeks - 2 months
Rs 14,500
3 - 5 months
Rs 17,500
6-9 months
  • Services include
  • Airport pickup
  • Visa Assistance
  • Induction for first day of work
  • FRRO registration for 6 months or more
  • Induction and preparation for intern into the country
  • Support and Facilitation during the internship
  • Help in finding accommodation for interns


Please register on the startup page.

The price of the internship depends on the city you are based in and the duration you want the candidate for. It ranges from 10,000 INR to 24,000 INR

It takes roughly 2 months for the entire process of selection to arrival of the candidate

We do have people from all over the world applying but major of our candidates come from Egypt, Brazil, Morocco, China

The services include: Searching for the right talent according to requirement, Visa assistance, First day of work, Airport pickup, Departure support, Legal/registration support(FRRO)

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