How an Internship in Malaysia Can Help Further Your Career

Beginning your journey in academia is a phenomenal experience, an experience that is not only rewarding in its imparting of knowledge and wisdom, but also an experience that presents you with the opportunity to shape your career and life as a whole.

You have done the hard work in studying and preparing yourself to get into a college and pursue your dream education, and what comes next is a world of possibilities. One such possibility, a great opening to your career, is going for an internship that will not only give you a taste of what lies ahead, but will also apply your current education into real-life perspective, and, thereby, strengthen your preparation for the future. With this rationale in mind, a chance to pursue an international internship or volunteer abroad looks good on every college student’s CV; and Malaysia brings forth a destination for all that and more. Let’s take a look at the benefits of an internship in Malaysia for Indian students.

Malaysia – The Destination

Situated in South-East Asia, Malaysia is one of the highest rated tourist destinations in Asia, and an enormous multi-cultural business hub on the world map, featuring some of the modern world’s best architectural marvels.

With a booming economy, growing cultural diversity, year-round moderate, warm weather, and a food paradise, Malaysia is truly the place to be.

The Organizations

When you chalk out your education plan, with a certain goal set for your career path, you also plan and look forward to working for or be associated with the organisations of your dreams.

With a cornucopia of organisations from all around the world, carving your way into a favoured career is what an internship in Malaysia for Indian students has to offer.

The Multicultural Learning

The world today is a small place, everyone is connected with each other, and the working environment is no longer limited to one office or one country or one kind of people. It’s a global community we are living in, and international exposure and cross-cultural communications, in particular, are the order of the day in the pursuit to make a mark amongst fellow people of your global community or industry.

The skills you develop – in learning new languages, picking up and sharing cross-cultural wisdom, and making a social network in a true worldwide context – are precious career tools to acquire today, for the world of tomorrow.

The Lessons

The globalised outlook and years of foreign trade and investments, within a controlled setting, give Malaysia a distinct edge over many other Asian countries, especially in its humble ways of imparting career and life lessons via growing companies with a mix of Western and Eastern cultural wisdom. This is a great boon for student interns.

These are invaluable lessons that will take you a long way in your career, whether they are directly taught, or you naturally happen to pick them up during your internship.

The Profile Boost

The opportunity to work and learn in the real world, applying practical actions to theoretical knowledge, in itself, is a gratifying and humbling experience. Besides this obvious gain, an internship, particularly in an advanced country like Malaysia, is the perfect boost you need to start off your career expedition with an impressive profile and résumé, even before you have graduated.

The Economic Stability

The Malaysian economy has grown exponentially over the last two decades, and despite global recessions and depressions in South-East Asia, Malaysia has sustained, and a stable and sound economy prevails. Hence, interns can reap rich benefits out of the nation’s improving economic structure and stability.

The Professional Network

With a country that is thriving in its economy, along with a growing number of companies and global industrialisation, an internship in Malaysia opens the door to meeting and building relationships with innumerable high-calibre professionals, and that, in today’s world, is an indispensable treasure to have. It is a privilege to be able to start building a solid professional network as an intern.

The Empowerment

Once you travel abroad, to a country like Malaysia, amongst all other palpable benefits, an indirect value of the entire experience of going out of your family, your country, and your comfort zone, is empowerment.

The Cost-Saving Advantage

International students, especially interns, can live in Malaysia at meagre expenses, and, therefore, save money for their future. Students and young people can easily manage their living with just RM1100 a month, which includes their food, accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses.

In conclusion, an internship in Malaysia for Indian students is a seamless platform to begin your career on a high note, while also procuring a treasure of learnings and wisdom along an unforgettable journey. Visit AIESEC for international internships and a global volunteer program spread over 25 countries. Whether you want to pursue an internship in Indonesia or volunteer in Vietnam, we’ve got you covered.

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