How far can you go?

Before you read on, you must answer this question. How far can you go to sort out all the global issues that bother you and your people? Good leadership and global citizenship for example?

Three thousand miles – not really, isn’t it? AIESEC being the world’s largest youth organization blew its own mind for the 65th time since its initiation. The AIESEC International Congress, which has been a landmark of coming together of young leaders, diverse nationalities, businesses, ideas, causes and organizations for 65 years now, is what was on the August hot-list. It brought together the best of thought leaders from across the world to impact a microcosm of the world’s future leaders. In its 65th edition from 16th to 25th August 2013, AIESEC Egypt hosted 1000 young leaders from more than 113 countries, from the Egyptian corporate and non-corporate sectors, as well as the top management of over 100 companies from around the world converge.

From India, about 25 delegates had packed their bags for an exciting touchdown on the Sharm-el-Sheikh runway. They represented AIESEC India as one united delegation at the IC. The group consisted of not only the AIESEC India Member Committee team that comprises of the President, Vice-Presidents of the organisational portfolios but also the Presidents of some of the 21 local chapters across the country. These young Indians witnessed the interaction of Governments, corporate companies’ non-profit organizations and causes in over 113 countries around the world. They made use of this chance to represent India and recognise this as the best place to communicate with the international youth demographic; as well as with each other in their capacity as stakeholders in the idea of youth leadership.

After days of planning, discussion and brainstorming, the IC attendees actively participated in the way ahead of AIESEC. The team is back home and now having widened their perspectives and with a drive like never before are all set to the scales on fire. After all, the International Congress revealed the check list of their progress and plans.

What is remarkably more notable is that the Congress happened at a time where political tension in Egypt was at its worst. The 30th June demonstrations and its aftermath challenged the plan of IC 2013 at Egypt. But the “One Global Team” stood unmoved.  For it was the quest for peace and the fulfilment of humankind’s potential, AIESEC took birth in 1948, after the second world war. At a time where global togetherness is at stake, the very idea of a successful youth meet drops in a ray of hope.

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