4 Reasons Why Learning A Second Language Is Important

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“To have a second language is to have a second soul.”

– Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor

It can be intriguing at times, you know, to think why knowing a new language can be of any use. You could think:  “what’s the point if the one I’m reading right now will soon become the universal medium of communication?”

English as the undisputed global language, is diverse in itself, easy to comprehend, widely vocal and written, and well, in our curriculum!

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It’s the language of the internet. It’s an intelligent channel of thought, culture, and unity.

But what might be little bothersome is the fact that a language dies every 14 days, and if we keep neglecting our native speech, it might become one of them.

Every new language teaches something, and here’s why we should make the most of it:

1. A language drives the way we think

Language is a uniquely human gift, central to our experience of being human.”

– Lera Boroditsky, Cognitive Scientist, Psychologist and Linguist

We as humans are known to have opinions, thoughts, mindsets and even behaviors relative to the situations or environments we are put in.

That is not different when it comes to the language we speak. Our mode of communication, the literal language we speak can influence our thoughts and actions!


Here’s something even more interesting.

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If you didn’t know, something as basic as the use of grammatical gender in a language can shape the way we look at things.

And this is actually well researched at Stanford University!

For example, a community in Australia uses specific cardinal directions in their daily language.

Like “You’re reading this blog from north to south.”  

The best part about talking in this manner is that the people stay aligned and oriented in their lives.

Hence, a second language can shape how you think and can influence your small acts.

2. A new speech imbibes a new culture

african tribe

Getting to know, comprehend and speak a different language can help you gain enormous clarity on the culture of the place.

The way people word stress while speaking makes you understand their thoughts, perceptions and reasoning. So once you gain a pattern of their ideas, you also get more knowledge about their culture.

It’s that simple.

Languages are a lot of fun as well. Like ‘Fahrt’ in German actually means ‘a trip’ in English.

The idea of having multiple languages, that too in one nation, is creative. It influences the way people experience their lives.

Personally, we consider a speech as a celebration of diversity and talent.

3. We become effective multitaskers

Switching to another language while speaking makes us exercise our analytical skills and become empathetic.

It helps in enhanced communication since what a person might not grasp in Language A, might get it better in Language B or C.

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Once a habit, this mental repetition also invites wisdom and generally avoids miscommunication.

People who utilize their logical capacity more often become better at handling more than one task at a time, inviting efficiency and productivity.

Bilingual people are less likely to be affected by Alzheimer’s as well.

What might simply seem linguistic may have relations with psychology and science.

4. We can stand out in the job market

The more international languages we know, the more we reflect as a world citizen on our CV.

There are always certain companies which search for multilingual candidates.

This helps you in getting diverse and interesting job roles!

With knowing more languages also comes the idea of understanding more cultures.

Hence, your ideas can be welcomed at your workplace.

girls at work talking

As you can see, there are multiple reasons why it can be extremely relevant for the youth to learn a second language.

We become better world citizens, multicultural and keep the native languages alive for generations to follow.

Knowing more than one language can be an art of mastering life and dealing with intrinsic realities better.

So now, let’s actually mind our language and learn a new one!

Do you already know a language you wish to keep it immortal? Good news is you can do it by spreading it to the world! And in return, you might just learn a whole new language as well.

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Vanyashree Chaudhary is a light-hearted Journalism student from Delhi. She’s crazy about her love for graphic designing, Oreo shakes and Daft Punk. Find her the happiest while she’s traveling!

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