Things Every Student Should Know About Interning in Indonesia

Gone are the days when leading countries like the US, UK or Australia were the most preferred regions for a rewarding internship program. Tropical countries like Indonesia have emerged as promising destinations with placements in varied fields from real estate and education to tourism and publishing. If you are planning to intern in the off-beat country of Indonesia, read on to know more.

Top industries in Indonesia

The flourishing tourism industry of Indonesia has given rise to a number of internship options for students around the globe. These tropical islands are rife with employment opportunities in varied fields. Though you can reward yourself with an internship from any industry in this nation, the following are the top fields you can consider for an application.

Business Management

Business Management is one of the leading fields for an internship in Indonesia. Applicants will get hands-on experience on the basics of business administration along with daily lessons on the local Indonesian languages. Internships in this field do not require any prior experience and have guaranteed placement records.


Completing an internship in the education industry will be a feather in the cap for all aspiring teachers and educators. The exposure and experience attained can be extremely useful for teaching English in primary and middle schools. The learnings can also be implemented for education in the healthcare sector.

Best locations for internship

There are a plethora of different localities in Indonesia that are feasible for a good internship. However, Jakarta and Bali top the list with the most number of opportunities and internship programs in a multitude of industries and fields.


The picturesque destination of Bali has put Indonesia on the map and played a huge role in transforming the local tourism industry. Internship programs offered here are mostly in the fields of marketing and logistics with lots of openings for community work and teaching.


Contrary to the scenic nature of these tropical islands, the bustling capital of Jakarta offers a fast-paced city life to job seekers and white-collar professionals. The employment and internship opportunities here are immense with an endless number of placements and rewards.

Benefits of interning in Indonesia

Apart from the multitude of job openings and opportunities for both personal and professional growth, a quintessential internship in Indonesia comes with a package of irresistible benefits and rewards. Few of them are listed below:

  • The internship programs are available in flexible working hours as per the preferences and lifestyle of the applicant. They are often paid internships in competitive salary brackets.
  • The programs are clubbed with medical insurance and retirement plans.
  • They also offer liberal holiday allowance.


Your accommodation and stay at Indonesia solely depend on the type of internship you are applying for and the benefits offered by the company. Most companies offer paying guest accommodation with a local family or opt for independent housing if the program is extensive. Accommodations are usually packed with basic amenities like hot water, bedding and air conditioning, and will mostly be in one of the happening neighborhoods of the city you are placed in.

How to apply

Once you have conducted a thorough survey of all the internship options available, you can apply for it via the corresponding website. Once the application is verified and confirmed, you will have to sit for a Skype interview with the company’s board or recruiters. After a short one-on-one session, the accommodation and visa will get confirmed followed by the confirmation of dates and travel procedures. You can quicken the process by applying for an internship through renowned organizations like AIESEC for the experience of a lifetime.

Global volunteer programs

You can club your internship with rewarding global volunteer programs to take back as much as you can in this land of never-ending possibilities. These volunteer programs will help you experience the new cultures Indonesia has to offer and will push you outside your comfort zone towards self-discovery and growth. AISEC will also identify your efforts by providing you with an International Volunteering Certificate that will help you make an impact on the career passport.

So, what are you waiting for? Log on to AIESEC today and change your future! You can also check out our detailed blogs on the 6 countries which have an easy visa process for Indians and 10 reasons to volunteer to make the right choice.

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