Just Do It

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Lost at a party, don’t know anyone there? Don’t stand alone and think about saying hi, go out there and just do it. See an old lady unable to cross the road? Don’t think that someone should help her, just do it. See an area getting dirty because of people throwing trash? Don’t coax the society for not keeping it clean, take the initiative to clean it- just do it. Is there an opportunity headed your way? Don’t sit and think, “I should do this someday”, no, just do it. NOW. How many opportunities have you given up, thinking you’ll do them later? If you look back and retrace your path, you will find that there were numerous things you could have done, had you taken the initiative. The problem wasn’t that you weren’t interested, just that you weren’t interested enough to follow through.

How do we deal with this problem? You begin by addressing yourself with two questions- Is there something you can do, or should be doing right now? Will some harm befall you if you go ahead and do it? If the first answer is yes, and the second is no, don’t think again, just do it! The youth today needs to be imbibed with the “now or never” attitude. There are millions of people in the world striving for opportunities, the ones that are in front of you. Are you making the best use of them? Can you proudly say that you have exploited all resources and made the best out of them? If not, you need to start now. In a competitive world, the one who takes each task by its leash and makes use of everything available to him is the one who rises to the top.  An ordinary man will sit around waiting for someone else to solve a problem, come up with an idea or start something new. A leader will be the one solving all current and potential problems, innovating, and taking the first step for everything. A leader will Just Do It.

A satisfactory life is one where you follow this principle- Is there something that needs to be done? Can you do it? If yes, go ahead. Can anyone do it? If yes, you still go ahead. Can no one do it? You still try. You still do it. And that is what will set you apart. Be it saying hello to an old friend you’ve lost touch with, or volunteering for an event at college/ work, or signing up for a workshop that’ll help you, or even volunteering for social service- YOU take the first step. YOU start, and see how it works wonders. YOU take the initiative and never regret anything in life. JUST DO IT.

– As written by Aashna Gupta of AIESEC Delhi University

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