Last Lecture

In September 2008, a previously unknown computer science expert by the name of Randy Pausch addressed a university with his famous “Last Lecture”. Diagnosed of Pancreatic cancer, this man was given 3 to 6 months of healthy living. Later in his life he co-authored the book “The Last Lecture” on this same theme, which became a New York best seller.

He starts his speech by clearly stating that he would not be talking about death but about life and how to achieve ones childhood dreams. In present times, most individuals envision that when they succumb to the unavoidable and utter what must be their “final expressions”, they will have room in the schedule for small more than a short, wavering sentence. Provided that they are lucky, it could be imparted to a couple close relatives.

Because of the marvels of engineering, the hour-long address did not vanish into the ether, however went onto be caught by millions. It has since modified lives, touched American legislative issues, and is going to bring forth a producing wonder.

Soon, the video of the entire, hour-long talk was available online. More than six million people have watched the life-affirming lecture in full on YouTube. Pausch was invited to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show, where he gave an edited reprise of his talk to Winfrey’s 10 million-strong television audience.

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