What is Global Volunteer?

2000 Volunteers

30+ Indian Cities

10+ Countries

Local Volunteer is an AIESEC program which gives you the opportunity to be active in the leadership development process of foreign students aged 18-30 years, during their work in Indian NGO's and schools in your city.

Being part of this program, you'll be able to engage with the operations of the biggest youth organization in the world!


From 6 until 12 weeks depending on volunteer project duration

Engage in activities for leadership development

Participate in seminars, meetings and projects managed by youth people who want to make a difference in the world.

Be part of an international team!

Every year we receive more than 2000 young people from all continents in India. It's a great opportunity for you to work with different people and perspectives.

Contribute to UN SDGs

Collaborate to improve the reality of your city by working around the United Nations Development Goals for 2030.

What you would work on?

  • Help interns to overcome communication barriers in India.
  • Collaborate for the understanding of the NGOs reality.
  • Participate in induction and integration activities.
  • Provide report of the activities.
  • Attend to induction facilitated by AIESEC.

How it works?


Online Registration


Contact from AIESEC member (e-mail or call)


AIESEC interview and alignments


Project's selection


Start the activities with the trainee


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