How You Can Make a Difference in Vietnam by Working as a Volunteer

One of the things Millennials care about the most is bringing about a positive change in the world. Working as a volunteer could be one of the most rewarding things you do in college. While volunteering is always fulfilling, volunteering in a new country opens up the doors to a unique experience. Some of the reasons to volunteer abroad include the rare opportunity to learn about different cultures and come into contact with people you would never otherwise meet. Among the many countries that students can volunteer in, Vietnam definitely tops the list. Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia where you can meet some truly inspirational people. However, it is also a country that is still dealing with poverty, gender issues and the aftereffects of war. If you are looking for a volunteering experience where you can make a genuine impact, here are a few reasons why you should choose Vietnam.

Experience Vietnam’s Growth First Hand

Vietnam is at a very interesting point in its history where the country’s GDP is growing at a faster rate than ever before. But while the number of people living in poverty has gone down significantly over the years, Vietnam still has a long way to go. As a volunteer in Vietnam, you will have the chance to witness Vietnam’s growth for yourself and play an important role in its development. While conditions are slowly improving, a lot of Vietnam’s economically disadvantaged need better living conditions, education and vocational training. When you work as a volunteer here, you can do your bit to contribute to these needs and leave an impact on its people.

Support the Women of Vietnam

 The women in Vietnam are some of the most resilient, inspirational people you will ever meet. Undoubtedly, Vietnam’s women are the backbone of the country’s growth. Almost two-thirds of the women are actively involved in the country’s economy. However, most of their contribution isn’t recognized, with an astounding 80% disparity in the gender wage gap. Social prejudices also hamper many women from getting a proper education or a good job. Many women in Vietnam face the brunt of domestic violence and sexual assault. As a volunteer in Vietnam, you can help counsel to these women, help them rebuild their lives after a trauma and offer to educate them for a better tomorrow.

 Help Educate Vietnam’s Next Generation

 Children hold the key to Vietnam’s growth because they will make up the country’s future leaders and workforce. Educating its children is the only sure way for Vietnam to speed up its economic growth and development. Yet, education remains a distant dream for many children in Vietnam. As formal education (especially education in English) is expensive, many families below the poverty line cannot afford to pay for it. This is where volunteers can really make a difference. By working with young children and imparting good quality education to them, you are playing an integral role in the development of Vietnam.

 Provide Vocational Training for the Poor

 Due to Vietnam’s continuing economic disparity, not everyone has been able to reap the benefits of development. Many teenagers and young adults in Vietnam continue to live on the streets as they do not have sufficient skills to earn a proper income. As a volunteer, you can do your part to alleviate their condition by providing invaluable vocational training to them. Vocational training provides important skill sets, making it easier for them to gain employment. This ensures that they can earn a sufficient income and build a better life for themselves.

Save Endangered Species

 Vietnam has a rich, diverse variety of flora and fauna, making it every wildlife enthusiast’s dream come true. However, many of these species are under threat from deforestation, poachers and illegal trade. By volunteering with Vietnam’s wildlife organisations, you can play an integral role in the rescue and rehabilitation of several endangered animals. You can also gain an insight into Vietnam’s conservation efforts and the problems they face in maintaining their biodiversity. If you have always wanted to do your bit for the voiceless, volunteering with Vietnam’s wildlife organisations will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Vietnam is set apart by its rich history and cultural heritage. This beautiful country is full of breathtaking sites to see and delicious food to eat. Do your bit to give back to Vietnam with a meaningful volunteering program. Vietnam is also one of the countries which have an easy visa process for Indians. Visit AIESEC to learn more about our Global Volunteer Program and how you can make an impact in over 25 countries, including Vietnam.

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5 years ago

Hi, I would really like to help, be it Vietnam or any other country that needs help. I’m a college student and what better than spending your summer making a change and helping people, which will also give me a bag full of experiences to take back home. I’d like to know more!

AIESEC India(@aiesec_india)
4 years ago
Reply to  Shumaila

Hey Shumaila,

You can register here