Make Your Year Count


Life is short, there is not much time to think and there isn’t a Santa Claus, fulfilling all your Christmas wish. So, here’s a question, Do you want to have year that matters or do you want to be disappointed and screaming at the end of a period that you thought would be important?

If you have desire to have a better life than a train wreck of a so called life that stretches over 365 days of frustration, then ask yourself this.

Why are you here?
Let’s not go into an overwhelming discussion accompanied by a panic attack on this question. Simply answer it. Why are you really here? There may be plenty answers to this question, but No, not all are equal. There may be a few that dull and unnecessary. Filter those out! There are better ones that will shape your life and make it worth living.

What do you want?
Fame? Power? Money? What do you want your year to bring about. What is your goal?
Let me help you, a life worth living is the one that is meaningful and happy. Are you heading towards that? Towards building something that counts.

Does it matter? How much?
If you want this to be a year that counts, don’t underestimate the power of human excellence. It is your best bet. If it matters, trust yourself, there’s noone else going to better those days but you. Everybody else around you can be supportive, but you are the executor. Trust yourself.

Who’s on you side?
If you are going to make a difference, you’re probably not going to do it yourself and alone. Your mentors, allies, friends and peers? Are they by your side? Who’s crewing your boat? Connect, inspire that will bring out the best in people.

Where is your true north?
If you are going to live a year that matters, have an ethical compass, a belief system, that points you towards the Right. In what direction do you want to head that makes your life ‘good’?

What’s it worth?
Its not going to be a time party at a holiday destination with booze and food on the house. Its going to be more than hard work, dedication and perseverance. That is the unconventional truth. Only you can know how much it is worth. Is it worth it?

Everyday day of the year and every year that follows, map a path. Map a path towards unleashing your potential. Build a capacity to dream, wonder, create, imagine and love.

Let me ask you once more, is your year going to be worth it? Do you have it in you?

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4 years ago

Yes i want