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We can help connect you with some of the brightest and most ambitious young minds from around the world.

Our interns come equipped with skills and expertise to help companies grow and reach out to new markets. We know what a task it can be to find the right talent. Finding interns who have a global mindset to bring new ideas to the table and also have a growth mindset can be tough. Let us do that for you.

Find volunteers in other countries to support your organisation.

Duration 6 to 8 weeks Organisation NGO Compesation No

Provide an international corporate experience.

Duration 6 to 78 weeks Organisation Company Compesation Yes

Develop your leadership while boosting your career prospects with an opportunity to work as a teacher abroad

Duration 9 to 78 weeks Organisation NGO/School Compesation Yes

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AIESEC allows young people to live relevant professional team experiences that supplements what is being pursued in their university. It excel their skills by giving them the opportunity to learn, the freedom to fail and the resilience to evolve.

Studies show that the companies and institutions requirements for employees are not merely the ones who deliver the job, but those with mature soft skills such as self-awareness, being solution-oriented, and having the ability to lead people.

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