Hire young talent from around the world as teachers

Our Global Teacher program helps Schools and Language Institutions fulfill their need for teachers with skilled young people.

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Talent we offer

From countries like
  • Egypt
  • Turkey
  • Morocco
  • Indonesia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Ivory Coast
  • Tunisia
  • Algeria
From backgrounds like
  • Language Teachers

    Hiring Teachers from Native language speaking countries. French from Tunisia and Morocco, English from Ghana and Indonesia.

  • Sports Teachers

    Having an international sports teacher for sports such as football and basketball.

Services we offer

Choose from our hiring plans
  • ₹15,800 for 3 months
  • ₹18,200 for 6 months
  • ₹33,600 for 12 months
We support you throughout the journey
  • Sourcing and screening
  • Visa and FRRO Support
  • Insurance for Interns
  • Intern engagement and Experience Delivery
  • Onboarding Intern for India Culturally
  • Arrival Pickup
  • Departure support
  • All kind of documentation support
  • Engagement for interns outside workspace
  • Accommodation support for clients and EPs
  • Sourcing Intern from International Countries
  • Working on Leadership Development of Intern
  • Account management

Hire an intern in 5 steps

Get an international intern in 60 days* at your workplace. *The days can change based on the requirement and visa.
  • 1

    Fill the Form

    Start by filling in the form below to express your interest in our Global Teacher program – giving us the details we need to make sure our most appropriate colleague will get in contact with you!

  • 2

    State the requirement

    Mention the requirement you have from AIESEC.

  • 3

    Shortlist and Select

    Shortlist your applicants and account manager will help you guide you through the selection process.

  • 4

    Visa and logistics

    AIESEC will facilitate the visa process, prepare the intern for the intercultural experience and take care of all needed logistics before and after arrival.

  • 5

    Intern’s support and development

    Together, we will provide spaces for your intern to reflect on their learnings and their personal development journey. Our goal is to contribute to their development whilst contributing to your business growth.

Get in touch

Provide us with your contact details and let us help you recruit international talent!
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In case of any queries, get in touch with
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