113 Countries, 86,000 Members – AIESEC

So what exactly is AIESEC?

AIESEC is the biggest youth association working via and promoting multiculturalism. It’s not like a group of youngsters getting together and having fun but a pretty large (read 86,000 members) group of youngsters gearing themselves for a great career opportunity & life chances. And of course, the fun and happiness is part of the experience! 🙂

This worldwide forum is recognized by the United Nations and comprises of young crowd driven by the spirit of learning and living. Students from all over the world not only get to learn about different cultures through AIESEC but also get a wonderful chance of being exposed to different cultures of the world.

AIESEC is motivated by positive values, creative outlook, global thinking, supportive attitude, pro-activeness and a smooth work-life balance. You are sure to have a time of life if you are an AIESECer. The organization not only supports learning but encourages each member to identify their areas of interests and then work toward its achievement. Strong leadership qualities and the willingness to get a job done are some of the key strengths you’ll find in every AIESECer.

The organization is led by the youth and you work in a culture that prepares you for an inspiring life ahead! Know more about AIESEC and the culture here.

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