5 things to keep in mind before giving up on your goals

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to give up on everything, when you just feel hopeless?

We’ve all been there. The point where we know the stress has completely taken control of us and our minds have made us believe that our dreams are absolutely impossible to come true.

It’s tricky sometimes, isn’t it?

Trying to find our place on this planet. Tapping into our inner desires.

Sometimes we know what we want but not how to get there. Sometimes we know “this isn’t me”, but we have no clue who “me” is. And sometimes we think we’re already there, then something out of the blue happens and we realize, this isn’t me at all.

At each stage, there are pitfalls that can keep us looking in the wrong direction, stuck in fear, or stressed about how to move forward.

I know, We’ve all been back and forth through all of them.

And just when we’re ready to quit, we’re closer than we know. There’s an old Chinese saying that I think is really true. It goes like this:

“The Temptation to Quit Will Be The Greatest Just Before You Are About To Succeed”

And even though we may realize that we are at a point in our lives where it’s about all or nothing, now or never, and at these moments, the questions and doubts are just so strong, tricking us into believing that we are not capable.

These are the days when we need something to lift us up and help us keep going because we just cannot pretend that our dreams don’t exist or they don’t matter.

Through it all, I would like to share 5 simple laws to help you navigate the ups and downs of discovering and following your dreams.

1. Break the Big Goals Down into Smaller Steps

Tiny steps in the direction of the goal are still steps in that direction. There is a real magic to be found in connecting the steps together consistently.

Big goals are fine as a guiding star, but they need to be supported with smaller steps. Wishful thinking will not make it happen!

Want to write a book? Get started by developing a regular writing habit. Maybe try an example of writing one line a day to get that done or try something else that works. Whatever the objective is, developing a regular practice will help get us closer to it.

Take up small steps every day that support this happening and that keep you accountable, while still being achievable. Commit to this and watch amazing things happen.

2. Learn the difference between an inner desire and unhelpful mind talk.

Most of us know the value of listening to our intuition. But it’s confusing sometimes.

The limitations we perceive are put in place by us and only us. Silencing the critical voices of others and that critical voice within will allow you to get in touch with your desires and the possibilities of achieving them.

It is the “impossible” that stretches us, shows us what we can become, and aids in the formation of who we are meant to be.

When we believe in our potentials, our lives will take on a whole new expression.

“I can’t” turns into “I will.”

Remember whatever thoughts we put out into the universe is how our life is going to unfold.

3. Stop worrying about how to get there—or if “there” is even a good idea.

Human beings are wired for safety. This is why we want to control what our next step is going to be. We try to avoid the unknown.

But no good thing has ever happened from the known. To get to where we really want to go, there is no pre-drawn map. The good news is that we don’t need one! All we need is the next step. And this is something we already know on the inside.

Regardless of our beliefs, trust that life will never put us against something more than what we can handle.

4. Accept the failures.

Surrendering to the failures is when most people give up. We’re scared of failing.

It is the biggest milestone standing in between our ability to make our dreams come true.  And before we even know, failure has taken the best of us and we like to hold on to the feeling that it is rather impossible.

What we fail to see is that failures are, instead, a series of events that are guiding us to the end destination. That’s all they’ve ever been. A ladder to our dreams, to our untapped potentials.

There’s a saying in Hollywood that goes, “When you fail, you fail upward.”

That’s because failure is just a stepping-stone toward success. Without first making mistakes, we wouldn’t know how to succeed. We just need to believe in our ability to make things happen and hold on to the vision that has been fuelling us ever since.

5. Remember why we are doing this.

Making a lunge for what’s important to us is scary.

Always is.

Every time we have followed what was in our heart, most people thought we were crazy. But you know what? The voice of derision we most need to watch out for is our own.

Anyone who has experienced any kind of success understands that it does not come without hard work, discipline, and dedication. When we finally come from behind and achieve the impossible, the triumph seems so much greater.

Determination, commitment, and a burning desire to see our dreams through is the key to achieve any goal our intuition guides us toward.

Finding our way is a lot about getting out of our own way.

Letting go of ideals that have been imposed on us. Taking leaps, stumbling and getting up. Trusting our inner guidance.

And remember, always, we’re doing fine. Even when it seems like we’re making a mess of it, we’re not.

We hope these tips can help you get better at achieving your goals; just don’t forget that the only one who can get it done is you.

Let us know in the comment sections below what your goals are. We’ll surely try to help you achieve them.  Nothing that comes easy has ever been worthwhile. Claim it and make it to the top.

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Studying bachelor’s in biotechnology, Aayushi is a really passionate person, who loves to read and travel. She believes people, places, and stories have the power to change anyone and help them understand the purpose of life.