Human Rights Day – A Call To Action

After World War 2, the world was ripped apart. Those were terrible years, of uncertainty and terror, and when it finally came to an end, one question remained: “how could we let that happen?”

This question drove a lot of people to do something that would avoid such war again.

It was only then that organizations such as the United Nations, and even AIESEC, came up. Since then, these organizations have been fighting to make the world a better place, more equal and peaceful.

On 10th December 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed, at Palais de Chaillot, Paris.


What are Human Rights?

Human Rights are the rights inherent to every single individual, regardless of their nationality, place of living arrangement, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, dialect, or other orientations.

We are equally qualified for our human rights, without separation. These rights are altogether interrelated, interdependent and unbreakable.


How can we celebrate Human Rights Day?

Do you choose to celebrate this day along with us? After all,  it’s your chance to bring the change and work for Human Rights, here are some of the ideas:

1. Educate people about their rights: Gather the people around you from your friend circle and family, even kids, and educate them about their rights and responsibilities.

2. Let this education spread: Give them a task of spreading the knowledge they just acquired to other people. Take the kids to the Special organisations around you that are involved in volunteering. You can easily find them on Google.

Why should you do that? Because these organisations are in touch with various other NGOs which can take you other places to spread the information.

3. Organise the events related to Human Rights: these events can go from education drives, painting competitions with a Human Rights theme, essay writing competitions, etc. This will help people study more and spread information and awareness about this initiative further.

4. Volunteer: There are various organisations that do volunteer work for certain Human Rights like Right to Education, working towards reduced inequalities etc. You can volunteer for them and bring some change.

AIESEC is partners with the United Nations for the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. We provide volunteer opportunities that can help you to make an impact across the globe. Check them out at

Let’s challenge ignorance, bring sustainability and help change our world.

What are you doing this Human Rights Day? Let us know in comments 🙂

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Anisha Bhawanani is graduated in Marketing and Finance and loves writing. She usually keeps daydreaming and believes that imagination can create and bring everything into this world. Apart from this, she loves harry potter and is very passionate about travelling and exploring different cultures. One day she wants to win a man booker prize.

Are we human enough?

Another day, another year and time just pass by. It’s the same people, same routine and same habits. The days end for the resting ones to begin.

But among all the hustle, the commotion to different places, dealing with responsibilities and surviving the restrictions by the society, do we stop to see if we’re really doing fine?

Are we living the life we want to live? Are we adding value to anyone around us?


kid say his mind is blowed

It’s hard to ignore the fact that thoughts like these, being the most crucial ones to define the structure of our real purpose or goals, become neglected by the end of the day.

And now that you’re back to being questioned on the real questions, let’s dwell in them and seek answers.

It’s often believed that no human is good or bad, but it’s their habits and circumstances that define their responses to different conditions. And it’s the choices they decide to make in those conditions that differentiate a philanthropist to a culprit in them.

So then, how do you ensure you bring out ‘more of the good in you’?

1. Be vulnerable

     human blindfolded

Starting with home, you can make it a practice to not suppress your inner voice and express the love and concern you feel for your family.

This helps in not only improving your relations with them but also in getting closer as a team and understanding each other’s needs. We’re always better when we’re loved.

2. Be aware of your surroundings

butterfly landing on dirty hand

Remember that you’re not living in an ideal society where everything is flowery and right. People tend to have varied mindsets and preconceived notions on matters, which may create issues.

Be knowledgeable about the ongoings in your neighbourhood, institute or workplace and take a stand for the suppressed.

It can be as basic as asking your siblings if they’re doing okay, helping out your mother at home, helping out a stressed colleague or supporting someone who’s being bullied. Or you can go further and feed the animals and homeless around you and the goodness just doesn’t stop.

3. Be empathetic

“Empathy is understanding their problems and knowing that it’s only luck that separates you from them.”- Unknown

Empathy is something that cannot be taught or instilled, but rather be thought upon and practised. It fuels connection and relates to ‘feeling with people’.

There’s no chance that you don’t see the underprivileged or the injustice around you, but it comes down to you being observant and taking the initiative to sort the issues out.

4. Take actions that actually make a difference

It’s never enough if it isn’t inviting changes. One must know that optimistic views invite contradictions, criticisms and intolerance from the opposite. But in the end, it’s the challenge you’ve taken and you have to get through.

Once a decision is taken, there’s never looking back.

human saying she wants to put an end to that

The more you treat it as a responsibility than an option or obligation, the more you enjoy the process of change, the more you spread happiness and the more changes you bring!

5. Being kind is not an option

Let’s encourage the idea of being a human as a human being and be generous and righteous. Let’s set the trend of being the cool that cares.

Be considerate and treat this trait as a strength.

This can be the true way of leading the odds. What sets you apart from other is the degree of how much you’re own self, and there’s kindness in everyone.

If we want to live in a better world, we should be the ones to take the first steps.

The Humanitarian Day revolves less around acknowledging the ones who made a difference, and more about how we can be better every day, for ourselves and for our world.

So now, it’s all up to you: will you be more human every day?

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Vanyashree Chaudhary is a light-hearted Journalism student from Delhi. She’s crazy about her love for graphic designing, Oreo shakes and Daft Punk. Find her the happiest while she’s traveling!