9 Reasons Why You Should Be A Global Teaching Fellow | Game of Thrones Edition

What is it like to be a teacher? We have always heard people say, “Teaching is the noblest of all professions!”. Why so?

Teaching is more than just instructing what is given in texts and books. It is a process of imparting knowledge and information at the same time offering an inerasable impact through guidance and change.

What if you had the opportunity to teach? An opportunity that makes you a pioneer individual in our process of creating a new generation of young teachers to combat educational inequity is something that cannot be easily ignored.

AIESEC India is providing a rare opportunity of a completely sponsored international teaching opportunity for two fellows that enjoy teaching, and want to learn in a new environment. And while the lookout for the same is on, we are here with more reasons that illustrate why YOU should be taking up this opportunity in a classic ‘Game of Thrones’ manner.





#1 It’s now or never

Now is the time you have. Instead of wasting it away falling for the belief that goodness will eventually be yours, you should aim out of the ballpark. In fact, days are numbered, obviously. If you have dreamt of being a significant change maker on this planet, then you must start now and this is something you could start with. Start young!




#2 Strike a noble profession off your bucket-list

As mentioned before, teaching is a noble profession. It takes a high level of selflessness to take a responsibility such as teaching and supporting a weak learner.




#3 Pick up a new skill or two

While participating in the fellowship, you will find several occasions where you will witness new processes and ways of work you were not familiar to earlier. Learn new work tips and tricks – this could be something as simple as maintaining log books or making administrative decisions. These new skills may have the potential to serve you for a lifetime.




#4 Become independent

Most of the Indian youth tends to be overly dependent on their parents’ resources. Although it is seen as a matter of parental care and support, it is important to fill one’s own big shoes. A global fellowship will be a perfect chance for you to become more independent and responsible.




#5 Treat yourself to travel, tastes and traditions

Most of the times, work puts a full stop to relaxing holidays and stress-buster breaks. What if the two can be combined? If the excitement of a new place, its people, history and heritage can complement a work opportunity it hosts, work will no longer be taxing. Visit new places and taste all that you have never heard of!




#6 Challenge yourself

A brand new environment may not be the most comfortable surrounding to settle down in. However, it is the little challenges that gets you going. Stepping out of the comfort zone has always proved to be a forte helping one shed shyness, become self-confident and face each day in a better manner. Hence, challenges become a sandbox for learning and improvising.



#7 Teach and learn at the same time

It is only in the profession of teaching does one come across interesting learners that end up teaching something new in their process of learning. There are different types of learners, each with abilities of various degrees. It is while spending time with a variety of unique learners that one learns new things about people as well as oneself.




#8 Build an appealing curriculum vitae

Pre-métier experiences help you align yourself to the path of your dream job. They are a trial ground that enables you to get your basics right. The fellowship program will highlight the experience column in your CV, enhancing it in a suitable manner. It will project your intentions and help you make the best out of it for the future.



#10 Discover your self-worth

A step towards something as fine as a global youth fellowship is a sign of the burning desire to walk the talk. Understand the power of the attitude you hold towards yourself. Rely upon and trust your own feelings because this opportunity will remind you of what you are truly worth.




In order to overcome problems faced by and in the educational sector, there is a need for collaborative action among governments, international organizations, corporations, universities and NGOs. This calls for fostering strong leadership, creativity and purpose in young individuals.




The Youth Global Fellowship Program answers the above issue and you could be one of the two fellows that can win a sponsored fellowship abroad. For more details, visit http://youthglobalfellow.aiesec.in


Ready to take the throne?



Be a global leader, in the truest sense.

The Unique Benefits of Volunteering Abroad

Lately there have been countless discussions about the benefits of volunteering and about the benefits of traveling. But what happens when you put the two of them together? What happens when you don’t only travel but you dive into a new culture? When you have to work with volunteers from 10 or 20 different countries?

Well, this kind of experience doesn’t offer you just a random range of benefits but it changes you fundamentally. It challenges you and it makes you strive to be at your best.

So what exactly makes these volunteering abroad experiences so unique?

While volunteering, you will face events that will challenge your mindset

An internship abroad will give you the chance to travel to new places, make new friends, make new memories and learn new skills. But it also challenges you; it teaches you first hand what intercultural communication really is; it will challenge your mindset and it will help you become more open minded and more culturally aware.

“I’ve worked on the project with people from Ukraine, Russia, Bahrain, Poland, Egypt, Turkey, Portugal, Argentina, Germany and USA. I now feel that student exchange programs are crucial in getting to know so many different nationalities at once. It’s never too late to learn new things. The awesome experience has just taught me that life is not all about yourself, it’s about you in a society and how you adapt to it.”  – Jaya, on her internship in Ukraine

Volunteering abroad changes you because it gives you the chance to change others

The volunteering internships that AIESEC is providing are focused on solving particular issues in society, such as: cultural education, environment, cultural understanding or career development. This means that in most cases interns work with children or with students, and they have a chance to impact their life either directly in the short-term, or long-term, providing them with the skills and knowledge to be more successful.

Raluca was a volunteer in Poland. She says that: “this experience is about stepping out your comfort zone; about being crazy and letting go of what others think about you; about leaving a mark on some people’s lives. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to do this. To be that person that changes lives. But one day, during the last moments we had in one of the schools, the teachers came to us and told us: “You don’t know what an impact you had on these kids. You changed their lives.”

But we must admit there is one downside of volunteering abroad: it’s addictive.

Mihaela, who volunteered this autumn in Ghana, says that “now I’m even hungrier for adrenaline and adventure so I can’t wait to see what the future will bring regarding any new internship.”


AIESEC provides over 26,000 young people with the chance to go abroad each year. If you are looking to go on an internship or volunteer experience abroad, please go to opportunities.aiesec.org and check out all our available opportunities. 

Help, Mummy, I’m terrified

Pic 2

Recently, I was offered to opportunity to travel to Egypt as a cultural ambassador to promote student exchange between Indian and Egyptian students. As much as travel excites me, the spirit of this adventure was dampened by a host of people asking me why I can’t choose another country  besides Egypt, whether it was the right time to go, whether I would face too much trouble getting there.

Pic 1Egypt has always held a great fascination for me and like all children growing up I pictured a land filled with men in their regal headgear, speaking a strange beautiful tongue with mummies lying around every nook and corner. The country also has such a unique geo-political situation- part of the African continent with primarily Arabic roots and culture while going through phases of democratic and military rule.

Recent events have seen the media portray Egypt as a land of youth revolutionaries and extremist leaders. So it comes as no surprise that young people are apprehensive about making a journey to the country and that’s fair. I too, had to tackle protective parents and sceptical friends as well and I just want to give you a first-hand account of what it’s like here.

Pic 4The capital, Cairo is a great place to live and experience for any young person! As an Indian, there are many similarities here that will remind you of home. The people here are warm and hospitable, eager to guess which country you are from and always grinning when they guess right (It seems the Indian accent is a cult favourite here ;)). You can always catch a glimpse of the glorious Nile, no matter which part of the city you are at. The tourist favourites- the pyramids, mummies and the sphinx live up to all the hype they are given. The architecture is exciting, the culture vibrant and the atmosphere lively! Alexandria is yet another beautiful city located by the Mediterranean Sea that will captivate you. From kind, hospitable people to the city’s Greco-Roman remains, it is breathtakingly beautiful.

There are many misconceptions about Egypt. It is a land shrouded in mystery and the news out there spells doom, violent protests and unstable political conditions. All that is far from the truth and if you can trust the testimony of a 22 year old girl travelling there alone, then be assured, it is perfectly safe.

Things you should know:

  • Girls will not be stared at lecherously all the time. Honestly, it’s so much lesser than what is on our own streets.
  • Egypt has misconceptions about India. Maybe so, but they LOVE India and adore Amitabh Bachchan. I guarantee you; you will have a conversation about Indian cinema at least twice in your time there.
  • Everybody there is not a protestor or a revolutionary or an extremist. That ended a year ago and there is no clear and present danger.
  • The country is affordable and reasonable. The value of the Egyptian pound although more than the rupee, can buy you commodities for the same value as in India.

If you have 6 weeks to go for an international internship and are apprehensive about picking Egypt, don’t be. I have had an amazing experience there and it is worth the journey- to witness ancient civilizations and modern day marvels in one bustling metropolis. I am back with fond memories, great friends and a second home to go back to someday soon.

Going Global to South Africa

Hear Satwik Rajani’s global experience to South Africa.

“I went to South Africa for an AIESEC internship.

I worked for a project called S.M.I.L.E run by a South African not for profit organization that focuses on the empowerment of youth, education, illiteracy training and career guidance. I was teaching students Maths, English and Physics and was also the head of the photography workshop in the summer school.

This internship has been a definite eye opener more than anything. It challenged the way I perceive the world and opened my eyes to various things around us that I take for granted. I interacted with young ambitious people from over 15 countries. It really gave me a sense of being part of something bigger and made me realize the power I have to change the world.

Leaving in a different country, speaking a different language and living a different lifestyle never sounded simple till I experienced it which got me thinking of the various other things in life that I thought would have been impossible but might have just been in my reach.

I would definitely recommend this experience over any vacation or summer school, simply because of the depth of human interaction and the self learning. I would like to thank AIESEC for exposing me to a different meaning of life.”

If you too want to have such an experience, sign up now!

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