A usual lecture, a college event, a choice of clubs & societies to pick from & be a part of, an apprehension to sit for placements; all become a part of our Journey whilst in College. The one guiding feeling while all of this is happening is the willingness to do what you want to or what you eventually do either inspired by peers around you or oneself. All in all, it’s a discovery of your own or someone else’s Leadership, which gives you the calling to stand up for something you believe in.

Youth Leadership, prefer to chose the important guiding metaphor in these words – ‘YOU LEAD’ is subtly becoming the most buzzing set of words used these days by politicians, college principals, some youth Leaders themselves. Youth Leadership is becoming synonymous to the future of the country these days, if it’s good, you’re secure, else it’s a rising concern. Something youth fairly realize in their youth, before it becomes too late. We see it seeding in young people through all the activities in College these days, when the choices they make completely depend on their beliefs, their ideologies, whether it be standing up for being a Class Representative or leading a College club, all of these contribute to their leadership journeys. Ambition is one thing that gets today’s youth closer to leadership, when coupled with a passion to get what they desire; makes them stand stronger in their intent.

Another interesting behavior you get to see in College is how these youth leaders equip themselves to handle the ever so varying relationships with different categories of people. It is one of the most challenging yet exciting roles one has to play as a Leader, involving juggling between different audiences. They do it neatly, if you ask why, the answer is simple, if you can’t manage to, then it becomes harder for you to survive and stand up for things you believe in, for you do need people supporting and believing in you for the same. We are living in an age where being ordinary as a Leader is not an option, especially in light of the over-competitiveness we are living in, anything less does not count. One has to be the Generation which is Fast, Strong, Smart & Aware. People look upto and get inspired for something you have and they don’t, it’s essential to carry these with you. For instance, representing your college (students) to a potential Employer requires you to not just lead your college, but also to why you are the best among the rest. If the ‘Why’ is missing, then it just becomes harder to reach your goal. Perseverance & Hard Work always count in this age, one thing which most miss is that Youth is that segment of life where the curve (graphical representation) of Hard Work vs Success is Linear, the more you put in the better you get. Hence, one of the most important essentials is to be committed to what you do, for that pure passion will be the independent stronghold on your journey towards your goal. So if life becomes challenging while being a Leader in College, at home, everywhere, do not complain, when you start complaining, you potentially stop your efforts right there!

As for AIESEC, a global youth organization with a focus on youth being empowered to develop their leadership potential, it’s always easy to float these ideas as we believe, in Leadership, age does play a role. Today’s youth is dynamic, aware, intellectual, competitive, and passionate and it’s important to capitalize on Leadership in this state, than to leave it for experience, maturity & knowledge which happens/comes with change in hair color. Even though these are quite important, but Leadership is pure and does not depend as much on what you have or possess, more so, it will depend on what your intent is and we in AIESEC focus on Experiential Leadership development and yes we are college going students too!

Conversations with Dr. Aditya Dev Sood on Leadership & Innovation

leadership At a recent conference that AIESEC India hosted, we had the pleasure to meet Mr. Aditya Dev Sood – Chairman of Adainta School for Leadership & Innovation. Here’s a conversation we had with him.

Question: What is your company all about?

“Adianta School for Leadership & Innovation is a new institution that promotes a radical new approach to education. Project based, hands on, through industry partnerships, learning by doing through simulations and not in classrooms & lecture halls. Our thinking is that this kind of approach is really required in the Indian context where people are in college but not necessarily learning.”

Question: How Relevant is the organization to India today?

“We see there’s a huge gulf between the needs of industry and the way our higher education is working. And we hear this from the HR departments of large industries all the time that they end up hiring smart people who have zero experience, zero skills, zero capacity and they have to do a tremendous amount of training in house, once they’re on board. They don’t come with the ability to do a task analysis, manage their own time, manage anybody else’s time use HTML or social media effectively. They don’t come with an array of skills that make them valuable. And forget about large companies, in the case of start ups people need to do a lot of different things reasonably well. So we need multiple different kinds of skills – some of them being very basic and some of them are more sophisticated and all of these kinds of abilities are only acquired by learning by doing, solving problems & addressing challenges. They aren’t learnt by giving examinations and skill concepts. The difference between skill & skill concepts is the difference between theoretical learning & hands on learning.”

Question: How important are having these skills in the world today? How important is leadership today?

“Even those of us who are involved with leadership, understand that it is a very subtle concept. But when people start engaging the question, it grows in the mind & the consciousness to the point where one understands that one has responsibility for the world around us and this world is not going to run itself.  It requires us to take initiative, own problems, build solutions to those problems and along the way make these things into sustainable business models and business plans that will make these initiatives viable for the future. Leadership too often gets compartmentalized into either govermentality or else into management. Leadership is something above and beyond these two kind of dichotomies and yet it cross cuts and informs both of these areas. We have an approach to leadership that involves self discovery, enhances approaches to communication and better interactional skills. In some ways you might say this is the surface of leadership but in some way because we treat the same surface, what happens inside grows as well.”

We’re sure you’ll have some questions to ask him as well and for that, we’ve organized a tweet chat only for you! Some questions that will be addressed in the chat include:

  • Is youth the solution to the leadership need of Indian Politics?
  • What do you think makes a good leader?
  • What do you think are the biggest problems faced by today’s youth?
  • What kind of leaders does the country need in the present circumstances?
  • In the wake of the country’s socioeconomic condition, what can the youth of today do to make a tangible difference?
  • What sort of education does the youth of today need to be equipped with to be better and more responsible leaders?
When: Friday, 22nd February, 2013 at 4 pm IST
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