Stop Wishing. Start Doing!

What are you waiting for? GO!

Very obviously you already have learnt of the largely used term YOLO! Keeping aside all the myths and spiritual ruckus about reincarnation and 7 lives, its true, you do only live once. Well at least in this life you have resources to take you to a ‘land unknown’.

My advice to you? Pack a bag, set a destination and sail from the safe harbour. Dream. Explore. Discover.

The world believes that everybody should get away, not just for a week or two but actually experience a country. The food, the culture, the lights. Don’t say that it’s impossible to take more days off, there is always a way.

Oh and yes it is scary! Travelling to Africa, China, Turkey all by yourself! But it is the good kind of scary that puts your outside your comfort zone and lets you breathe that fresh you otherwise would have never. Leaving your friends, your family, your everyday routine, ofcourse it is scary, but isn’t the excitement in the fear more?

It may not always be easy, and sometimes there may be small bumps, but it’s an experience, and one worth having.

How do we do it? Did that question just entirely ruin a beautiful picture that your mind was beginning to show you?

Stop wishing, take the first step. Find an opportunity and plunge!


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