4 Unconventional Ways to Manage Stress

Stress is now being termed as a ‘growing youth epidemic’. According to surveys conducted by the American Psychological Association, most teens report stress levels higher than those considered healthy, and the add-ons include depression, chronic fatigue and a lack of appetite due to excessive stress.

With this concerning data, is past time that we all start taking our health more seriously, and do something to improve our mental health.

Here are a few ways to de-stress, unconventionally and effectively!

girl under stress


When you rush things, your heart rate rises and your blood pressure spikes, inducing stress and discomfort. Event talking too fast makes your body tense and your breath shallow,  hence it is best advised to slow things down and let your words flow, instead of gush, during a conversation.

Focus on the moment-to-moment breakdown of a topic, instead of jumping to the next. This gives you and the people you are interacting with clarity, eliminating the need to over-explaining and overthinking.

girls talking - stress management

Develop this into a habit, and you will slowly find your conversations much more meaningful and rewarding. This will put you at ease emotionally and physically.


Studies have shown that vitamin C reduces both the physical and psychological effects of stress. It allows the body to regulate cortisol, which is a primary stress hormone, preventing blood pressure from spiking during a stressful time.

lemon slices - good for stress


Living in a noisy building or on a busy street leads to physical and mental stress, as the constant disturbance keeps your mind alert and on guard.

You can muffle that noise, reduce stress in and around you effectively. Some good noise cancellers options are thick curtains, a white noise machine – which emits a consistent, soothing sound – or just noise-canceling headphones – that play soothing music.

girl with headphones - listen to music to avoid stress

It’s not only about what you hear, but also what you see. Colors have a special effect on the way your body handles stress. Soft colors such as green, blue, and white help soothe the nervous system, while colors such as red may alarm you.

Similarly, calming fragrances like lavender and jasmine help stimulate your mind in a positive way. Incorporate these elements to create a corner solely dedicated to relaxation and to trigger and encourage emotional harmony.


Panicking and being anxious about deadlines and unscheduled work is one of the major reasons why stress can escalate to drastic levels. During the crunch hour, plan out your time effectively, instead of trying to do a little of everything at once.

Scheduling and planning also calm your nerves. It makes you feel more in control and organized, as compared to when you execute the tasks randomly, and they seem never-ending.

girl with pen in the mouth, thiking - plan to avoid stress

This also helps you to prioritize your work in order of importance and gives you a crystal clear idea about how important each task is.

Pledge to implement these effective strategies to reduce stress and make your experiences more worthwhile!

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