AIESEC delivers World Cleanup Day in partnership with Let’s Do It! India

World Cleanup Day (also known as WCD) is a global social action program aimed at removing plastic and other types of waste from the world’s coastlines, rivers, parks, cities, and trails.

On 15 September, a large number of volunteers and partners throughout 150+ countries came together to clean the Earth of trash.

In India, the action worked on cleaning up litter and mismanaged waste from beaches, rivers, forests, and streets. It was officially organized by AIESEC in India and Let’s do it! India.

The Let’s do it! Foundation has initiated several clean up actions across different countries throughout the last decade, with over 15 million volunteers taking part in total.

A world changing idea with a humble beginning.

The movement began in the small Northern European country of Estonia in 2008. 50,000 people came together to clean up up their entire country in just five hours.

This year the Let’s Do It! India and AIESEC not only focused on cleaning up the trash and mismanaged waste, but also created awareness among the individuals regarding the issue of having a clean and green Earth.

“Simply stopping the blood spilling out will not heal the wound”, said Anneli Ohvril, the head of the managing board of the Let’s do it!.

With cleanups, we aim to draw attention to littering, trash blindness and general mismanagement of waste. Cleanups are not meant to replace regular waste management. Civic action must be followed up by effective waste management reforms, with waste collection improvements to be established everywhere.

We also need to look at what we are throwing away – it’s not waste until it’s wasted. We should see that we are throwing away resources and recognize their potential again, added Ohvril.

World Cleanup Day

What next?

World Clean up Day is being seen as a commencement towards Oct 2nd, 2019, the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi

The 150th anniversary of Gandhi’s birth marks a target date to largely improve the access to clean water and flushing toilets.

With an estimated 600 million people lacking access to clean water and flushing toilet in their own homes, might be a challenge. But this could be the biggest landmark in history as it provides a critical route in eradicating poverty and unhygienic conditions in the world’s 2nd largest nation.

world cleanup day

The fastest-growing grass root movement in history.

This grass-roots movement inspired people worldwide to follow suit with the same ambition ‘one-country, one-day’ formula.

In India, more than 1,30,000 people from 95+ cities, from Leh to Pondicherry, took an initiative and contributed to the movement.

But the effort of the millions of volunteers united needs to be matched with more sustainable and long-term solutions. Not only from society, but also from business and governments.

“Through this action, we want to support and connect a new generation of community leaders, who are ready to act together to find lasting solutions. Our leaders in different countries are very determined people. They will to work against cultural prejudices, ignorance, climatic challenges, corruption and other very challenging circumstances. All to bring forth new perspectives, and bring their vision to life, Eva Truuverk pointed out.

people holding the poster of world cleanup day

How to keep it clean after the World Cleanup Day?

We also need to look at what we are throwing away – it’s not waste until it’s wasted. Reducing your waste is the best place to start.

With cleanups,  attention is being drawn towards littering, trash blindness and general mismanagement of waste.

Cleanups are not meant to replace regular waste management. Civic action must be followed up by effective education and waste management reforms, with waste collection improvements to be established everywhere.

There are a few simple things that we can actually do every day to keep our cities clean. We all would like a saaf-sutra desh to live in.

It won’t even take much effort:

  1. Don’t litter. Dispose of your trash properly and carry it until you find a bin;
  2. Choose to reuse the hotel towels to save local water or take your own towel instead;
  3. Take a reusable or filtration water bottle;
  4. Take reusable bags when shopping;
  5. Avoid disposable products: cups, plates, spoons, etc;
  6. Prefer to buy refill products, instead of having new packages every time one is over;
  7. You can also reuse bowls, bottles, and jars as lunch boxes or to keep your food, instead of throwing it.

girls cleaning the street on world cleanup day

One of the biggest challenges for India is the lack of truly efficient waste management and recycling system throughout the nation. Much of the waste is simply abandoned and left mismanaged for years because of the lack of a collective responsibility.

It’s about time that we started considering the fact, that we, as the future of the nation, should focus on keeping our country clean and help to establish a disease-free India!

What role will you play in the fight against pollution?

If you also want to get a hands-on experience to support actions like these, check out our Volunteer Exchanges.

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Studying bachelor’s in biotechnology, Aayushi is a really passionate person, who loves to read and travel. She believes people, places, and stories have the power to change anyone and help them understand the purpose of life.

How self-aware are you?

Once in a while, we find ourselves completely lost. We follow the way that has been designed for us, similar to a manikin or a puppet, and still locate ourselves in the middle of nowhere without a map or compass to manage the way, or a cell phone to call home.

That is the thing that life is: an incomprehensible Bermuda Triangle.

You have nobody but yourself as a resource to remain above water. We spend the greatest years of our lives going to class to figure out how to be something.

We’re not generally beyond any doubt of what that something is, but despite everything we go to class, do homework and concentrate for tests. Some invest more energy than others, but we all try.

In reality, books won’t lead you out of the forested areas. You can’t search for answers in the dictionary, and a map will never lead you where you should go. All the training and knowledge on the planet can’t make you whole.

Qualifications don’t come with a purpose. You can have straight A’s forever, however, they will never lead you to your identity. Schools don’t teach you much about yourself. The discovery of the self is the most significant lesson you were never taught.

Finding out about yourself ensures you a route past money and achievement. When you are self-aware, you are a power to be figured within this world since then you are ahead of everything.

A majority of people have no clue about who they are, and you can easily tell by their mentality and life-decisions. Being self-aware means winding up more beyond any doubt of yourself by setting benchmarks and seeing precisely what you need.

What helped me get self-awareness was my volunteering experience.

Here are 3 things my volunteering experience helped me boost:

Becoming self-aware

Being by myself, helping other people for 6 weeks gave me a lot of time to think about me. It made me realize how I can do much more than I ever thought. The need to interact with people from all around the world made me reflect a lot on my own beliefs and habits.

I can honestly say that I came out of this experience knowing much more about myself that I ever thought I would, and I take this knowledge for life.


During my exchange, every day there was a new challenge, and I had to overcome it alone. And this made me realize strengths that I never knew I had.

Before, I would tremble and question my ability on doing a lot of things. Now I know that, even if I’m not able to do something yet, I can always learn it.

Life fulfilment

Of course, being out there helping an NGO is extremely rewarding!  Seeing the smile on people’s face, know that I actually made a difference, it’s priceless. We have the horrible habit of taking care only about ourselves and focusing on our own lives, but there’s so much we can do, even with small actions, to make the world a little better.

These three elements made me more prone to have an uplifting point of view towards my life and objectives.

One of the advantages of volunteering is that it gives you a nearby look at how your activities are affecting people around you. Besides, being a piece of a volunteer program can influence you to feel glad and give you a sense of purpose.

Volunteering can fill voids in individuals.  

Helping other people may enable you to conquer individual battles and give your life new significance and a sense of purpose. It takes your mind off of your stresses and makes you meet new experiences and individuals that may even influence you to land at new answers for them.

Moreover, volunteering keeps you mentally empowered and as said by Wharton educator Cassie Mogilner, it influences you to feel like you have additional time.

Stepping out of your comfort range of familiarity is among the advantages of volunteering abroad. This encourages you to accomplish your personal objectives and set new ones and be in a steady condition of self-change. Volunteering additionally makes you more self-aware and making you a better version of yourself, it improves your own quality in your eyes.

Do you have a fantasy? Do you have an objective? What moves you to attempt an idea?

These are the start-up devices for executing your fantasy. Where does one discover such devices? For many people, finding these devices resembles searching for a buried treasure. Not knowing where to look, the vast majority acknowledge life as it is given to them; what could be possible?

People who have discovered achievement can help make conditions where others discover the instruments for progress.

Tall boats have a demonstrated achievement record for helping individuals discover their basic purpose for existing. 6 weeks on board a tall ship, as a crew member, will change an existence until the end of time, it’s your marathon, it’s your hustle.

Most tall boats are preparing vessels to build character, confidence, and self-assurance. To put it plainly, it changes lives. So let’s become a Global Volunteer today and board this tall ship!

Blog by- Anisha Bhawnani