3 Reasons Why Becoming a World Citizen is Crucial

For someone like me, who is yet to have their first international experience, it would be hard to even relate to the idea of being a world citizen.

I should rather first think about resolving the problems my own nation faces, right?

What role does the world have to play in my journey anyway? All these countries are so distant and I might not even end up visiting all of them, at least in this lifetime.

But well, interestingly, once I delved into knowing more about who a world citizen actually is, I could gain more perspective about the issues I face personally.

World citizens are people who believe in the idea of peace and wish to spread more of it by their actions.

The only difference is that they don’t restrict their community to a city, state or nation, but take it beyond- to the humankind.

World citizens are leaders since they don’t just serve their purpose, but also of those around them. They go global because they don’t believe in the segregating ideologies of casteism, colorism, racism, nationalism etc. They’ll treat the people with diverse global backgrounds with equal love as to their natives. Everyone across the world is a friend to them.

And it was then that I realized how much lack of knowledge and information can confine our mindsets and the way we look at people.

I needn’t necessarily be a traveler to be a world citizen, and with that in mind, I find it my responsibility to reach out and spread the info I could gain.

Becoming a citizen of the world is vital, here’s why:

1. Communicate the reality

world clocks - world citizen

For a moment, think about how do you find your country? Do you like it?

We all love it for the cultural diversity, the people, the places, the languages. We always have something new to discover, even if we stay at the same place for years. But at the same time, we despair when it comes to discussing politics, and how we might or not like how our current leaders are taking it ahead.

And this worry often overpowers what we like about our nation. The news is enough to create the resentments.

But guess what? What we think is what we communicate to the world.

Basically, someone from the other country might think of us differently until they know us. Likewise for us to know them. They might have unrealistic perceptions about us.

World citizens break this barrier by becoming aware of global issues, empathising or even by lending a helping hand if they can.

2. Bringing global learning to the nation

Once we cross the cultural barriers and get to know natives of different countries and their way of living, we know if certain aspects can be adapted in our own nation.

For example, a friend I made who came for her exchange to India taught me the table manners followed in her country. The purpose was beyond learning the etiquette, it was to adopt discipline, patience, and gratitude – something I needed to grasp.

Also, the more international friends you make, the more languages you might get to unleash! If not perfectly, certain nuances of the dialect or tone they speak make you understand how they think and imbibe their culture.

3. Challenge ignorance and embrace sustainability

sustainable trees - world citizen

The more information we carry, the easier it is for us to form opinions.

Being opinionated is crucial since they define our individuality and give us the strength to voice ourselves.

Just like, once you know about a disease is when you attempt to know their symptoms and solutions, similar is the relevance of global knowledge for worldly issues. If we’re aware, responsible and willing to care, we become less ignorant about things that matter and become likely to adopt a sustainable life.

United Nations has laid down 17 Sustainable Development Goals as the universal call-to-action to global issues. These are thoughtfully decided to give us a direction on how as true citizens, we can change the map of the global concerns that are increasing rapidly.

Being a world citizen is a serious responsibility, especially of the youth, to unleash our potential to collectively serve the world.

If this interested you, you can take up volunteer opportunities to become a global citizen.

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Vanyashree Chaudhary is a light-hearted Journalism student from Delhi. She’s crazy about her love for graphic designing, Oreo shakes and Daft Punk. Find her the happiest while she’s travelling!

5 Ways You Can Make A Difference

“Success isn’t about how much money you make; it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”

– Michelle Obama

As humans, we long to make a difference, to leave our mark. The vast majority of us knows that helping better others’ lives affects our own — it makes us more joyful, balanced, and imparting a more noteworthy feeling of purpose every day.

But, it tends to become difficult when we get hindered by our daily routine and miss the advantages, to ourselves and our community.

Most of us don’t know where to start from, but it’s easier than you think.

Have a look at these 5 suggestions and start making a difference today:

1. Become a Mentor

Turn into a coach to somebody who might profit by your abilities, information, and experience. Perhaps there’s somebody in your groups of friends or profession you might want to help along the way.

You might also help to educate kids that come from a poor family. It can make a huge difference or their future.

 2. Donate Blood

With one gift of donation, you can save numerous lives. Every drop counts, as a single patient can require multiple donors.

For heart surgery procedure it’s required the blood from up to five donators. Leukemia treatments require a maximum of eight contributors every week. Emergency care for an automobile accident can utilize something like 50.

Each donation makes some kind of effect on somebody’s life. What more noteworthy blessing would you be able to give? Find the nearest donation station, and help save somebody’s life. It won’t take you even 1h.

3. Volunteer

Volunteering energy and abilities to any association is an extraordinary method to offer back to our planet and community.

Regardless of whether it’s a medical facility, food bank, youth group, senior’s home, or an animal shelter. There are huge amounts of organizations that would benefit by your time.

A speedy search online will help to discover local and global opportunities. Or on the other hand, contact organizations you’re keen on assisting to help you contact with their nearby group.

4. Organize a Clean Up

All you have to hold for a fruitful clean up is a major box of garbage bags, a greater box of recycling sacks, a significant amount of elastic gloves, a gathering of friends or volunteers, and an area that needs some love.

girls cleaning the street on world cleanup day

What’s more?

Nowadays most public parks, beaches, and neighborhood avenues need a little TLC (tender, love & care). Sometimes people simply require a little motivation to urge them to assist.

Lead the way, and see what follows!

5. Plant a Tree

person planting a tree

We all know the importance of trees on this planet. The process is as similar as of organizing a cleanup. All you have to do is to carry a plant, a spade and an expert in the plantation, for instance, a gardener.

Look for an area where the plant could be placed, for example, in the boundaries of the public parks and you are good to go!

If you wish to plant in a specific area or a society, then just talk to the president of the society. I’m sure they won’t deny it, even if they do, they’ll tell you another place to do so. 🙂

See who follows you!

It’s about time that we start considering the fact, that we, as the future of the planet, should start making a difference.

We at AIESEC work on delivering various opportunities to contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals that we need to achieve by 2030. If you want to contribute, check our opportunities at www.aiesec.org.

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Anisha Bhawanani is graduated in Marketing and Finance and loves writing. She is a happy go lucky girl with a head full of dreams, very passionate about traveling and exploring different cultures. One day she wants to win a man booker prize.