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Shaping Young India

When we talk about nation building and the development of communities, one of the fundamental focuses of any institution is the sum total of rich and capable human resource. It is no lie that the demography of a certain place decides how the next few decades are shaped and modelled. In India, the rising youth population gives a gleaming ray of hope. The youngest workforce thrives in India and with 65 percent of the population aged under 35, the economy can only look upwards and the society can only think beyond the conventional. By 2022, India will have a median age of 28 which makes the youth an important part of the institution and a prime force to bring a change in this world.

But in the wake of several global issues, are we equipped to build a young workforce which is ready to face the challenges and steer the society towards the betterment of the world?

The young India is ambitious and resilient. They are informed and hence show greater autonomy when it comes to making decisions. The young India is curious and they want to up-skill in opportunities in ways more than one. Most importantly, today’s young India, wants to make an impact and empower others to grow and lead. But at the same time, they face various deadlocks blocking their ambitions and their purpose of being.

So, what really does the Youth of India seek?

The entirety of the young populace, through whatever means, want to find their purpose. When you find out what it is that you want to achieve, you basically go on to understand the world, its people and the society as a whole. This understanding is nothing but your first step towards bringing a change. A change, striving towards Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind’s potential. And this understanding and change comes through cross cultural experiences wherein you understand the dynamics of diverse perspectives and are better prepared to lead and empower others to grow. These experiences throw you out of your comfort zones, defying you with the toughest moments but also preparing you to activate your leadership skills in the challenging environments ahead.

Sometimes you are not able to judge your own abilities, your personality or your responsiveness to a certain situation until you are working with various individuals. The people you interact with help you grow, become self-aware and unleash the best version of yourself. The virtue of being self-aware and solution oriented is what makes an informed leader. A leader who brings out the best within every individual around him.

Do I have what it takes to become a leader?

It would be safe to say that leaders are not born but made. Anyone and everyone can become a leader. Today, the youth contributes to form 16% of the world population. A number this great is only a kind reminder of the potential that is waiting to be unleashed and waiting to be nurtured. Notable leaders are an example that the skillset required for leadership is not something you are born with but is something you acquire with practice and tons of dynamic experience. If a handful of leaders can bring an impact, imagine what India’s youngest workforce is capable of!

Are you introspecting your steps towards a change?

The onus to bring a change lies in the hands of this generation. A generation whose every decision is an action, every privilege is a responsibility and every idea, an innovation. So, on this International Youth Day, we ask you to find your purpose, we ask you to believe in yourself, we ask you to become a leader, we ask you to introspect. We ask you to take the first step towards a change.

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