That Extra Edge

Imagine a world where we are all functioned to do the same things – starting off from a morning walk to graduating from universities in the same way. In fact we can put our imagination away and get our realities checked. Millions of students join colleges with similar dreams. The world today is inundated with numerous engineers, aspiring doctors and competent lawyers, all in the making. How easy or difficult is it to stand out? With all the extra credits showing up with pride on assessment or grade cards, placements cells, corporate offices and law firms have the fundamental limitation of fewer openings. Even the world of business is not very welcoming of new entrants, it is all about competition.


Robert Frost poetically put us all into the dilemma of choice-making – the road less travelled or the road that was worn out by the footsteps of experience? It is risky business – we are unsure of the places we might go and we fear the possibility of bad consequences. Yes, the beauty of ‘follow your instincts’ is a bygone overthrown by ‘don’t bother’. After all, what is that extra edge the youth have set out to search for?

Personal development: What is being is implied is the need for activities that enhance the awareness, knowledge and identity of an individual undergoing the process, develop human potential and facilitate competence, confidence and even employability. And all of this is garnished with an enriched quality of life by contributing to personal targets’, or in fairy-tale terms, dreams’ achievement. Complex? Not really. The idea is to challenge ourselves with situations or doings that will directly push us into our zone of ‘learning’ and awareness. It is said that the vibrancy of the young and the experience of the old together can make magic. Why wait for the age to wither, when now is the time?


Experiential learning is solution to the all those questions up here. Just how as children we always understood the science of inertia better while experiencing that jerk on a moving bus, experiential learning carves us new niches to explore. We have found ours at AIESEC. What are you waiting for? We will be back with more food for thought, until then, just EwA! Engage with AIESEC!

Written By: Priyadarshini Kumar

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