That Young Chap From Delhi

Being the heartthrob of millions of girls around the world is the least of concerns for this 26 year old cricketing star. As he turns 26 today, we give you 5 reasons we absolutely love Virat Kohli!

1)He’s a boss at what he does.
Kohli owns the 3rd place on the ‘Most Centuries By An Indian’ list already. He has outrun Sachin Tendulkar’s ODI record. One goes, another comes. What’s more kicking than to have him on our team?

2) He can lead.
Both on pitch and off it, he leads with great charisma, staying true to the legendary leadership legacy of our good ol’ cricket teams.

3) Nay-sayers be doomed.
He doesn’t give two hoots about what people think or speak about him and there are a lot of them who do. He lives free, makes mistakes, learns and grows relentlessly.

4) Knows how to have fun.
To his opponents’ dismay, and shutterbugs’ delight, things get very entertaining when the man steps into the party. Young, wild and free!

5) The Ultimate Teamster.

He backs his mates and situations like a perfect team mate, adapting himself to the game in the best possible manner.
And with all those brilliant traits you’ve shown as a young independent indian lad, we just couldn’t have ignored you for so long. Here’s wishing you the best year ever, may you achieve greater things in times to come!


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