The Six Values of AIESEC


At AIESEC, we believe in having fun while we work and that’s why we love our organization so much. And that’s how we are so passionate about what we do.

We believe in living the AIESEC way which is built on the 6 core AIESEC values. These values pretty much explain the entire AIESEC experience.

We are sharing our secret with you…

Activating Leadership: Leadership is a big part of our organization. We want to transform today’s youth into potential global leaders of tomorrow. We lead by example and inspire leadership through our activities.

Living Diversity: With over 113 countries in our network, one can make friends all over the world. We get a chance to learn the culture, history and different opinions represented in our multinational environment everyday.

Striving for Excellence: We aim to be the best in everything we do, delivering the highest quality experiences to our stakeholders, whether they be our exchange partners or interns.

Demonstrating Integrity: At AIESEC, we maintain consistency and transparency in our actions, so that we maintain trust and grow together as an organization.

Enjoying Participation: Work is done best when one enjoys it. This is why we strive to create such an environment where everyone participates enthusiastically and loves what they are doing.

Acting Sustainably: Our actions today, will secure the future of our organization and of the coming generations. Which is why we make sure that we work in a way that is sustainable for both our organization and our society.

There! Now that you know the everyday mantra of every AIESECer, we hope that you get inspired too! 🙂

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