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Following is an article written by Shivika Jain, a member of AIESEC in Delhi IIT who is passionate about writing. Read on to know what she has to say on education.

If you had the power to dial back life by 5 years, what is the 1 thing you would have mastered by today?


Very recently, I came across a cartoon on the internet, which had a variety of animals- an elephant, a monkey, a bird, a penguin, a goldfish, a seal, and a dog- being asked to give the same kind of examination to judge their capabilities. What was the task? Climbing a tree.


Sadly for us, the picture very well depicts our education system today, where everyone is asked to keep their strengths aside and work at what is deemed important by the society- bookish knowledge.


No, I’m not saying that its not important to know our history, our language, or any of the knowledge that we gain throughout our school life.


But what if, instead being asked to start working on our strengths and interests at the age of 18, we were asked to do the same when we were maybe 11 or 12 years old? What if I started learning more about history as soon as I realised that it was my strength and my interest? Or what if I started practicing photography at the age of 15, instead of waiting till grad school?


Yes, the sound of that is tempting but challenging at the same time, but who is afraid of a challenge? From what I feel, it’s only a matter of perspective.


India has one of the largest youth forces in the world, and if used properly, our youth is very much capable of moving the world- literally. We are young, we are resourced, and we are educated. Only if we are trained in a somewhat different way than the present, today’s youth can be the force of change our society needs.


Coming back to my 1st question, if you had the power to dial back life by 5 years,

4563728611_b8dfefca0d_zwhat is the 1 thing you would have mastered by today?



Shivika is doing what she had always wanted to do since childhood. If you want to take the leap too, sign up for the Global Leader program at www.aiesec.in/join!

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7 years ago

Good job!